10 Incredibly Romantic Wedding Vows for Her or Him

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Looking for inspiration for your marriage vows? Check out these 10 Incredibly Romantic Wedding Vows for Her or Him that will make your wedding ceremony personal and special!

Your marriage vows should say more than “I’ll stick with you even if you get sick” – right?

10 Incredibly Romantic Wedding Vows 


friendship is a strong cornerstone to build a lasting relationship. Studies show that marital satisfaction is higher when spouses view each other as their best friends.

I Vow to Be Your Best Friend

I Promise to be Truthful

Start your marriage off right by telling your spouse that you will be truthful to them from beginning to end, even when it’s hard to do so.

Studies show that couples who celebrate each other’s accomplishments as if they were their own are happier than those who do not celebrate successes together.

I Vow to Celebrate Us

 In order to get to know one another on a deeper level and learn to problem-solve effectively, couples need to know how to talk to each other.

I Promise to Communicate

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