20 Questions of Wedding Planning: Free Printables

The Budget Savvy Bride

We decided to create a helpful and fun way to sit down with your spouse-to-be to discuss and define what you want your wedding day to be. We call it The 20 Questions of Wedding Planning!

Planning a wedding can definitely feel like a big undertaking because there are so many decisions to be made.

Introducing The 20 Questions of Wedding Planning

There are so many wedding questions to answer during the planning process, so getting clear on the vision you want before you begin planning is key.

This simple wedding planning questionnaire for couples will guide you and your partner through the most important wedding planning questions. This will help inform the vision for your wedding!

The 20 Questions of Wedding Planning is a series of question cards and worksheets for you and your fiancé to fill out.

Once you’ve answered all the questions and filled out your worksheets, you can compare and contrast your responses to help reach the perfect compromise for your wedding plans!

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