Bachelorette Party Survival Kit: Themes, Ideas, and What to Include Inside!

The Budget Savvy Bride

As the bride-to-be, consider your bachelorette weekend away as an adventure make sure you've the survival kit.

Make the bachelorette party extra special and prepared with this bachelorette party survival kit list of 16 brilliant ideas!

You can make the bachelorette party even more special and memorable by personalizing it with a theme!

DIY Bachelorette Survival Kit Theme Ideas

One cute idea is to create bachelorette party favor bags for your guests. Include bachelorette-themed items such as tiaras, sashes, or buttons.

Bachelorette Favor Bags

One idea is to create a bachelorette hangover kit. No bachelorette party is complete without a few hangovers! A hangover kit is a lifesaver for anyone who’s partied hard the night before! 

Bachelorette Hangover Kit

You can also make a bachelorette first aid kit. Include items such as band-aids and antiseptic wipes to deal with any cuts or scrapes.

Bachelorette First Aid Kit

For the bachelorette, a bachelorette glam bag would be perfect for making sure she always looks her best. 

Bachelorette Party Glam Bag

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