Bride Refuses Her Stepfather for Father of Bride Role. Was She Wrong?

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A recent controversy revolved around a bride-to-be refusing her stepfather the role of “Father of the Bride.” Get the details and share your thoughts!

When it comes to weddings, emotions tend to run high. Every decision can feel like a delicate balancing act between tradition and personal preference, from the dress to the guest list.

Debbie’s Backstory

Debbie, the only child of a divorced couple, has a close relationship with her father.  Debbie wants her father to be the father of the Bride instead of her step dad. Here is how the internet responded

Many agreeded that the stepfather, Adam, was exhibiting entitlement, and the real issue was the mother not asserting the significance of the biological father in Debbie’s life.

The Stepdad Sounds Entitled

Someone suggested that stepparent means treating the child as if they were their own, understanding that they will never fully take on the role of a parent.

Role of a Stepparent

Many in the thread agreed that the Bride is not at fault for not considering Adam as their father.

Bride Is Not at Fault

Debbie has her memories and emotions and is entitled to love whoever they choose, whether their biological parent or the stepparent. 

It’s Her Wedding Day

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