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Spring Wedding Flowers: Trending Color Palettes for Spring Weddings

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Check out the top 5 Spring Color trends for Wedding Flowers from Bloom Culture Flowers, showcasing our favorite collections from their DIY flower packages!


Hey all! It’s Alison with Bloom Culture Flowers here to help you with all things color for wedding flowers. Picking your color palette can be daunting for so many reasons. Do you follow the trends? Do you stick with the vision that you loved last year when you started your planning journey? Do you go with that new inspo you saw that made your jaw drop? Commence crawling back under the covers and hoping it will all just work out. 

One reason for decision paralysis is knowing what flowers to use to get your desired look. As a seasoned florist, I’ve seen that the color of flowers can be the primary way a color palette is expressed at a wedding. It’s not the only way, but flowers can play a huge role in how everything looks. This applies to DIY Wedding Flowers as well as working with a florist. Knowledge is power, and we want to empower you to feel confident in not only picking your floral colors but knowing how to communicate and execute your vision! 

To help with all the decisions, we’ve created a series to help you decide what flowers to use to enhance your color palette based on your season! First up, we are highlighting our top 5 Spring Color trends for Wedding Flowers. We’ve also included our DIY Wedding Flower collections so you can see exactly what flowers we use to create the look! (Hint, you can also create your own wedding flowers using our pre-curated kits, but I get ahead of myself!)

Top 5 Color Collections for Spring Wedding Flowers

Burnt Orange

Burn orange isn’t just for Fall anymore y’all! This one sort of surprised us, but it’s very on-brand with the TerraCotta/Rust trend we saw a lot of in 2022. With a few slight changes, this Burnt Orange color palette can really make an impact. These warm earthy tones mixed with lighter hues and a few cream/ivory flowers ( to provide contrast) are perfect for Spring weddings for a lot of reasons. One being that it’s unexpected and makes a big impact! If this color palette is for you, check out these floral collections to see what flowers to use to execute this look!


Bloom Culture Flowers - Terra Cotta Collection - Spring Wedding Flowers Color Trends

Terra-Cotta Collection

This collection features eucalyptus, fancy carnations, garden spray roses, leather leaf, mini carnations, roses, statice, and stock.

Bloom Culture Flowers - Rust Collection - Spring Wedding Flowers Color Trends

Rust Collection

This collection features thistle, eucalyptus, carnations, garden spray roses, leather leaf, mini carnations, roses, statice and stock.

Bright Vibrant Colors

Color is in. We’re talking pink, yellow, orange, coral, purple, fuchsia, green, I mean if it’s a color… you get the point. We have seen a huge increase in colorful wedding flowers and don’t see it slowing down anytime soon in 2023. Without geeking out in color theory, we love this trend as anything goes – light tones, deep tones, highlights and lowlights only further this gorgeous vibrant approach. And as an added budget bonus! It really bodes well for affordability as there are SO many floral options. 


Bloom Culture Flowers - Bright Collection - Spring Wedding Flowers Color Trends

Bright Collection

This collection features carnations, thistle, eucalyptus, pompon cushion, ranunculus, roses, scabiosa, spray roses and waxflower.

Bloom Culture Flowers - Wildflower Collection - Spring Wedding Flowers Color Trends

Wildflower Collection

This collection features bupleurum, chamomile, delphinium, thistle, eucalyptus, larkspur, leather leaf, lisianthus, queen anne’s lace, statice, and waxflower.

Muted Garden Tones

Again with the color but think more muted tones. It’s a great way to have color but not too much color if that makes sense. Desaturating some of your fave colors and mixing in some ivory, cream, and white can lend itself to a gorgeous and well balanced color palette that incorporates color but isn’t too bright.


Blue Hues

Whether an accent or the full focal point, blue has most certainly entered the chat. As for floral, Blue has limited options but that doesn’t mean it’s a deal breaker. We’ve been adding in a few hints of blue to our custom designs for months now. So much so we decided to create a few new collections!  In our new Blue & Peach collection we have used peach and blue (a play off of the complimentary colors orange and blue in color theory) to give a fresh feel to any wedding. The great thing about color trends is they transcend seasons and this would also be gorgeous for fall (or anytime really)!. 


Classic Neutrals

Classic neutrals? “A neutral is a color without much intensity or saturation—a color that’s lacking in color, if you will….” Thanks Apartment Therapy! So in this application we will be using the typical white, tan, beige, cream, ivory… etc. Stark white can feel a bit antiquated but full on color can feel intimidating, so why not have some color without the pop? We have seen an uptick in flowers that have gorgeous neutral tones. You can also mix and match with, blush, sage, dusty blue, muted mauve, to put a pop of personality in the mix. 


Bloom Culture Flowers - Terra Cotta & Blush Collection

Terra-Cotta & Blush Collection

This collection features eucalyptus, fancy carnations, garden spray roses, leather leaf, mini carnations, roses, statice, and stock.

Bloom Culture Flowers - Blush and Ivory Collection

Blush & Ivory Collection

This collection features eucalyptus, carnations, lisianthus, ranunculus, roses, and waxflowers.

I want to leave you with some encouragement. At the end of the day, choose colors that you and your partner like and something that feels reflective of your personalities. Absolutely DO NOT feel pressure to select colors based on what you think you should be choosing and instead select them based on what you like and want. If it’s not “trending”- not a problem. If you need help with color… not a problem. At Bloom Culture, we help you from the start of the flower process through the end. Set up a consultation to chat with us about your DIY Wedding Flowers, and we can chat about color along with all the things! 

DIY with Confidence with Bloom Culture and have a smooth DIY experience.

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Content designed, created, and written by Alison Fleck of Bloom Culture Flowers

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