Bride Requests Women Wear No Perfume as Not To Compete With Flowers

The Budget Savvy Bride

What’s truly important to you about your big day? One bride prioritized her flowers so much that she insisted that her guests avoid perfume to keep from overshadowing the scent.

The request has sparked a debate among guests and the wider community, with some praising the bride for her consideration of others and her focus on the details of her wedding.

The Full Request

The bride also requested that no one, particularly women, wear overpowering scents as it would compete with the flowers she had chosen for the wedding.

Many in the thread agreed that asking guests not to wear overpowering scents due to allergies or asthma is understandable.

Allergies or Asthma Is Understandable

They find it unbelievable that the couple is expecting guests to contribute to the cost of their wedding and have no problem with the no perfume rule.

No Problem With the No Perfume Rule

They find it unreasonable to expect guests to pay $360 to attend the wedding and participate in decorating and breaking down decorations.

It’s Not the Perfume. It’s the Cost

Someone shared that they understand the request for guests not to wear overpowering scents, as they are sensitive to perfume and can get migraines from it.

Considerate for People Who Get Migraines

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