Bride Wants To Postpone Wedding Till Fiancé Removes His Braces. Would You?

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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that marks the beginning of a couple’s journey together. It is often a day filled with love, happiness, and excitement.

When a bride-to-be told her fiancé that she wanted him to remove his braces before their wedding day, the couple found themselves in an unexpected dilemma.

Julia, faces a dilemma regarding her wedding. She and her fiancé have been planning their special day for some time now, but there’s one problem – her fiancé has recently gotten braces.

Julia worries about how the braces will look in their wedding photos. She’s expressed her concerns to her fiancé, who has accused her of being ashamed of him because of his braces.

Why She Is Concerned

Julia suggested postponing the wedding until the braces come off, but her fiancé is angry and has threatened to cancel the wedding altogether. It has left her feeling torn and unsure of what to do. Here is how the internet responded.

Her Proposal

“It always amuses me when people are like, “My wedding pictures MUST be PERFECT,” because though you get 1,000 pictures of that day, most people only end up displaying a handful, and the rest are in an album that you pull out every so often.

Someone Shared

“You’re the bad guy because you prioritize your wedding photos over everything else. Over your fiancee’s feelings, your marriage, and the wedding itself. If the photos are the most important thing to you, I hope your fiancee reconsiders what he’s getting into.”

Another Agreed

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