Bride's Father Refuses Traditional Dance, Leaving Bride in Tears. Was He Wrong

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When it comes to weddings, tradition plays a significant role in many ceremonies. For example, one tradition often a part of wedding receptions is the father-daughter dance.

Explore the discussion surrounding a bride’s father refusing to participate in a traditional father-daughter dance. Was the father wrong for not dancing, or was there more to the story?

Two Left Feet

During the reception, things changed dramatically when people watched a mother-son dance for the groom but no father-daughter dance for the bride.

Someone shared his thoughts that the situation was unfortunate but shared a terrible story of a bride who had found out about her father cheating on her mother with the maid of honor between the ceremony and reception.

Could Be Worse

Another believed that someone should have spoken with the bride’s father at the wedding and explained to him how important it was for him to dance with his daughter.

Someone Should Have Been More Assertive With Dad

Someone noted that the bride may have known of her father’s reluctance and attempted to guilt him into it at the reception. 

Dad Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Someone noted that the issue could be attributed to poor communication between the bride and her father.

Chop It Up to Poor Communication

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