Common Money

for in Your Marriage

Fights to Watch Out

Money is a common source of stress in a relationship. Learn how to avoid money fights in this article that originally appeared on Sofi.

While there are countless variations of money fights that can occur, these are a few common causes of money fights that couples tend to have that may sound familiar.

Common Causes of 

Couple Money Fights

Some couples struggle with privacy limits and may disagree upon what level of access their partner should have to their financial accounts. If one partner feels they don’t have fair access to financial accounts, passwords, and paperwork, resentment can build.

Sharing important account information

He likes to spend and enjoy his life. She likes to save for a rainy day because it’s hard to see what’s coming around the corner. It happens all the time. Not all couples see eye to eye on how much they should be spending and this can lead to anger and tension.

Determining budgeting and spending limits

Married or not, it’s important for couples to address the problems at the heart of their financial disagreements and start communicating.

If part of a couple brings debt with them to the relationship, it isn’t uncommon for the couples to disagree about who is responsible for paying off the debt. Tackling debt can be stressful under the best circumstances, but it can really lead to turmoil and fighting if a romantic partner feels that the debt is an unfair burden on the relationship.

Dealing with debt

One partner may feel investing their savings is the better path to a stronger financial future, whereas the other partner may find investing too risky and want to keep the money in a high yield savings account. This can cause turmoil if both partners’ chosen path forward is the only one they are comfortable with.

Savings and investing

Some strategies that can help include learning how to communicate about financial issues more productively, setting up monthly money check-ins, and letting each partner have some financial privacy.