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How to Create a Wedding Vision Board

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Creating a wedding vision board is a great way to nail down your wedding vision for your big day. Learn more about vision boards in this post!

Victoria Cornell

What is a wedding vision board and should you create one?

Have you been dreaming of your wedding day since you were little? Maybe you even have it pictured in your head right now. 

Or maybe you’re not the type of bride that’s been picking out wedding colors since you were a young girl. Perhaps you’re not sure of exactly what you want, but you have an idea of how big or small and what type of feeling you want on your special day.

Either way, putting together a vision board for your wedding can help simplify your planning process in so many ways. Creating a wedding vision board, (also sometimes referred to as a dream board or manifestation board) can help you start to put together your dream wedding day. Or, at the very least, it can be a great way to help narrow down ideas and aesthetics for your wedding ceremony and reception plans.

Here’s Why You Want a Vision Board for Your Wedding.

If you’re dreaming your ideal wedding day and you can see it in your mind, you’ll need a way to share that vision with others. Not only is creating an inspiration board a great exercise in getting clarity, but it’s also a physical way to share your wedding vision with your venue and vendors while wedding planning! It helps translate that mental image into concrete plans for your wedding day.

Creating a wedding mood board can help make your dreams come true. It might sound a little woo-woo, but having a clear vision of what you want helps to keep you motivated to make things happen!

Vision boards are powerful tools to help you make your visions become a reality. Creating a vision board and putting it somewhere you will see it every day keeps you thinking of what you want. It will subconsciously and consciously help you take inspired action to make those dreams a reality! 

A vision board for your wedding can also help you focus on the pieces that matter most to you. Getting clear on what you want helps you feel less overwhelmed and more confident about making decisions. Your mood board can help you coordinate anything from bridesmaids‘ dress colors and flowers to decorations and food and more.

How to Create a Vision Board for Your Wedding

You can make a vision board in a couple of ways. You can create a physical vision board that you can literally hang in your room or you can make a digital vision board that you can add to your phone or desktop. 

Whichever one you decide to make, be sure that you put it somewhere where you will see it daily to remind you of what you want and to keep you inspired. 

Create a Physical Wedding Inspiration Board

Now it’s time for the fun part — crafting your vision board! You can head out to your local craft store or Dollar Tree and grab the supplies you will need: 

  • A large bristol board or poster board
  • Scissors
  • Magazines
  • Glue or a Glue Stick
  • Stickers, if you like!
  • A frame (if you’d like to frame it) 

Look through some wedding magazines or online to gather images of things that represent your wedding day. You could even print the images from your wedding Pinterest board or any favorite photos from Instagram to add to your poster. Your vision board could include inspirational photos of wedding dresses you love, flowers you like, and color schemes you’re drawn to. You can also include quotes that inspire you or make you feel good. 

Cut out your favorite images you find either online or in magazines so you can arrange them and glue them to your poster board. Alternatively, you could use a cork board and pins to create an inspiration board that you can easily change and evolve over time.

This vision board is meant to represent how you want your day to look and feel. It should also inspire you, so don’t forget to add your favorite quote about weddings or love to keep you feeling all the feels. 

Create a Digital Wedding Inspiration Board

If you’re more of a fan of a digital format, that’s totally possible and easy, too! Having a digital vision board is a great idea because you can access it on-the-go or even add to it as you wish! You can set your vision board as your wallpaper on your phone, tablet, and desktop, so you’re always inspired and reminded of your dreams.

There are a few apps and online tools you can use to create a digital vision board, but my favorite is Canva. You can find details on how to create a free vision board via Canva here. 

Remember that you can use vision boards for anything! From your wedding day look to goals that you want to achieve, to your vision of the future. You can create a vision board for anything you have on your mind that you’d like to make a reality!

You can create your versions of vision boards on Canva. Create a new design in a size that fits your computer screen or even an 8.5×11 letter-size sheet of paper. From there you can drag and drop images from Canva’s photo collection right to your board. You may even want to upload other images you found around the web!

The other way you can make a vision board is right in Google Docs. You can choose a landscape design, grab images you love, and copy and paste them into your doc. 

There are so many ways that you can make a vision board, have fun and remember to keep changing it up until it feels just right to you. It has to speak to you. 

boho wedding mood board

Plan Your Wedding with a Vision Board

There are so many aspects of your wedding that you could make a vision board for. You can create one to help you with your bridal party and what you’d like them to wear. Get creative and create an epic honeymoon vision board for the vacation of your dreams! You can even create a collage of everywhere you’d like to go to help you narrow down your plans. 

You can create a vision board to help plan your bachelorette party, your wedding decorations, or even your wedding day look.

Things to Add to Your Vision Board

One easy way to start is by pinning things you like on Pinterest! Gather all your favorite cakes and decor items and dresses onto Pinterest boards and get inspired to find the perfect one for your wedding day.

You could include things like textures, color palette, fabrics, floral arrangements, cakes, patterns, invitations, fonts you love– you name it. The options are endless and the more details you include, the better! You might even want to include your wedding planner in the creation process as having expert input and help will ensure you get a great wedding mood board with a clear vision. It will come in handy for you both so you can piece together all the details for your ideal day. 

The key to making a wedding vision board is to feel inspired anytime you look at it. You want it to perfectly showcase your core desires for the look and feel of your big day. It should give you *all the goosebumps* when you see it! Include words and images that encourage you, empower you, or make you feel inspired and excited!

Other Ways to Use a Vision Board

Vision boards are excellent because they can help you bring your goals and dreams to life, but they can also help you plan and categorize your goals. 

I make vision boards all the time and use them for different aspects of my life. I create vision boards for my dream vacations, I create monthly vision boards, yearly vision boards, and vision boards for my goals at work and in my business. (Be careful, I have to tell you that this can become addictive!)

You can genuinely use vision boards any way you’d like as long as they make you feel happy! Creating a manifestation board can give you a tingly feeling of gratitude for what’s to come. You can rest easy knowing your vision board is going to help you reach your goals because you’ve clearly articulated your vision!

Here Are Some Different Types of Vision Boards you can Make. 

  • Monthly vision boards
  • Yearly vision boards
  • Work goals
  • Vacation 
  • Family 
  • Kids 
  • Inspiring quotes 
  • Things You Desire

Remember to put your vision boards somewhere that you can see them daily. Feel free to change them up anytime you feel like you need some new motivation and inspiration! Pro tip: add inspiring quotes to keep you reciting positive thoughts into your subconscious mind!

Summary on Vision Boards for Your Wedding

The idea is for you to feel excited and inspired while planning your wedding: the beautiful flowers, the dreamy colors, the groom and groomsmen in their tuxes. Whatever your vision is, you want to be able to narrow down all the choices you have so that you’re left with what you’ve been dreaming of for years. 

Enjoy the process and feel inspired as you continue to plan with your beautiful vision boards. Have fun!

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