How Custom Stickers Can Elevate Your Wedding Day Details

The Budget Savvy Bride

When I think of stickers, I typically think of the flowers and Disney princesses that my piano teacher would put on my music after successfully completing a song.

But a Canadian-based company is making it possible for people like you and me to create chic and affordable custom stickers. And their stickers might be just what your wedding needs!

StickerYou is an online platform that lets you upload your own designs, photos or art to create custom stickers, iron-on, temporary tattoos, and even magnets.

Here we share some ideas for how to use stickers at your wedding. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make your ideas become a reality with StickerYou!

Custom Stickers To Elevate Your Wedding Day

How cute would it be to include a little Save-The-Date sticker with your invitations for your guests to add to their calendars?

Stickers for Your Wedding Invitations

Maybe you’re giving homemade jam or tins filled with chocolate? You could easily design a cute sticker to add to simple glass jars or inexpensive tins.

Wedding Favor Stickers

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