How Do You Feel About Destination Wedding Guilt Trips and Pricey Requests?

The Budget Savvy Bride

A wedding guest is asking people how they feel about expensive requests for gifts from a couple whose wedding invitation they declined. What’s your take?

How do you feel about destination wedding guilt trips and pricey requests?

Back Story

A friend of bride-to-be took to Reddit after she received a disappointment email from the bride linking to a costly gift registry after rejecting a destination wedding!

Here are the top-voted responses!


One woman noted, “It’s about the registry for her, not your presence. So do NOT feel bad!”

She’s In It for the Gift and Group Rate

One noted, “Every couple I know who had a destination wedding did so with wide-open eyes that many could not make it. 

They Aren’t All Bad

One explained that her cousin decided to get married in a tourist hotspot to get a free honeymoon suite!

Free Honeymoon Suite

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