How to Find

Affordable Wedding Venues

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For couples who are planning a wedding on a small budget, finding a beautiful wedding venue that is still affordable can be a daunting task. With a little research and a lot of thinking outside of the box, you can surely find an option that suits your needs within your budget. You can even find cheap or free venues if your budget is extra tight– as long as you know where to look!

affordable venue.

One key way to help you save on wedding costs is to find an

Peerspace allows local hosts to rent out their spaces to be used as venues for things like photoshoots, launch parties, musical performances, and weddings.


It isn’t much of a stretch, though, to look to Airbnb for unique wedding venues. Just remember that you can always contact the host to see if they can accommodate your event, even if they don’t list it as an option on the website.


One of the best ways to cut costs is to seek out non-traditional venue options to host your wedding.

When searching Splacer, don’t limit your search to just reception or wedding keywords. Charity event, festival, conference, and, believe it or not, memorial, were words that turned up some super cool spaces for me. Don’t see anything on the map in your zip? Zoom out to include more of your local area.


Being as they are luxury homes within some beautiful natural landscapes, they are quite expensive if you were to rent it for a vacation. But search around and then contact an owner to see if you can rent their place for just a couple days, using it strictly for your wedding venue.

Natural Retreats

Google can be a real help in locating unique wedding venues if you know how to search. First, type in your desired area and then add a combination of words that describe your theme, dream venue, and/or any unique attributes it may have.

Google Search

Finding inexpensive and unique wedding venues can seem like a chore at best and a nightmare at its worst, but with these tips, success is possible.