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Venue Tracking Spreadsheet

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When you’re collecting details from many different options, you need a dedicated place to keep track. Who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet?

wedding venue spreadsheet

No matter what budgeting tool you may be using, the overwhelming standard affirms that the largest portion of your wedding budget is bound to be spent on your reception. Most sites recommend spending between 45 – 65 percent of your budget on this portion of your big day.

The venue also determines just about everything else, from the date and time to how much money you have leftover to spend on the smaller incidentals of wedding planning. Finding a wedding venue within your budget is key to staying on track with the rest of your expenses. 

How to Compare Venues to Find the Best One for You

When you start looking for a venue, make sure that you can easily keep track of exactly what each venue has to offer and how much everything is going to cost at the end of the day.

How can you do this easily? With a wedding venue comparison spreadsheet, of course! And don’t worry, we’ve made one for you to make this super simple.

Wedding Venue Comparison Spreadsheet

This Venue Tracking Spreadsheet we built allows space to track all of the basics while you are deciding exactly where you want to visit in person.

  • Venue name
  • Day of the week the pricing is for
  • Who is the contact at that location
  • Estimated costs per person
  • Required bar
  • Etc

How to Use the Venue Tracking Spreadsheet

Venue Comparision Spreadsheet

Use the spreadsheet as a tool to narrow down to the places you want to visit. Fill out each column with the info you collect from the various venues you are considering.

From there, create a second tab in your spreadsheet. This tab will be used to calculate all of the pricing you collect. You’ll also be able to add in caterer information if needed, and any additional fees.

Then use this portion of the spreadsheet to figure out exactly what everything is going to cost without any hidden fees.

Venue Pricing Spreadsheet

Weighing Your Wedding Venue Options

At the end of the day, you may decide you want more of your budget to go towards the actual food that your guests would be consuming than the cost to be in a particular location or building. You can always think outside of the box for alternative wedding venue ideas such as a restaurant. This would allow you to commit more towards really amazing food without having to pay overhead for the building.

A lot of restaurants offer spaces that will accommodate weddings, even on Friday and Saturday nights. If you are planning to spend enough to make it worth their time, this can be a great option! For a restaurant, having a large group means a confirmed full house which could be appealing as a business. As a result, restaurants are often not as prone to the wedding ‘fee’ structure for corkage, cutting fees, or server charges.

Check out this Venue Tracking Spreadsheet that you can use in Google Sheets. Just make a copy of it for your Google Drive and you can edit and use it for your venue tracking needs. We hope this free wedding spreadsheet helps you in your wedding planning! 


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