How to Make Your Own DIY Wedding Tent

The Budget Savvy Bride

The cost of weddings adds up quickly. Some elements of the big day are more exciting to shop for than others, with the wedding gown, venue, and decorations being among the most fun items to select.

A wedding tent, on the other hand, may not rank at the top of your list. The average cost of a wedding tent can range from $500-5,000, depending on the number of guests.

How to Make Your Own DIY Wedding Tent

And don’t forget the extras involved in using a tent for an outdoor wedding. You’ll likely need lighting and room for a dance floor, which will come at an extra cost. Depending on the season of your wedding, you may also need heaters or fans to make your guests comfortable.

If you wanna set up your own wedding tent for your backyard wedding consider one of these DIY options below!

Steel Party Tent A tent fitting 30 guests perfect for a smaller wedding. With the price, the ability to buy multiple may be doable! Sun and rainproof for year-round use.

Fitting 40-50 guests, an enclosed structure works for winter and summer weddings to block the sun or rain out. Made of iron poles for a stable structure.

Party Canopy Tent

A different approach to the typical wedding tent. A unique idea for a photo op or an area for sitting with friends and family. A waterproof canvas tent fitting 8-10 guests at a time

Canvas Tent

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