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How to Make Your Own DIY Wedding Tent

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Planning an outdoor wedding but dismayed by rental prices for tents? Check out these DIY options or learn how you can build your own!


The cost of weddings adds up quickly. Some elements of the big day are more exciting to shop for than others, with the wedding gown, venue, and decorations being among the most fun items to select. A wedding tent, on the other hand, may not rank at the top of your list. The average cost of a wedding tent can range from $500-5,000, depending on the number of guests. For 150 guests, that number is around $2,000, not including tables or chairs. Crazy, right?!

And don’t forget the extras involved in using a tent for an outdoor wedding. You’ll likely need lighting and room for a dance floor, which will come at an extra cost. Depending on the season of your wedding, you may also need heaters or fans to make your guests comfortable. Unfortunately, not all wedding planning can be picking out the color schemes and centerpieces. Some of the costs are not so fun, although necessary.

Pre-Made DIY Wedding Tents You Can Buy

If you wanna set up your own wedding tent for your backyard wedding or just want to avoid the professional tent rental prices, consider one of these DIY options below!

Steel Party Tent from Wayfair - DIY Wedding Tents

Steel Party Tent

Wayfair • $120

A tent fitting 30 guests perfect for a smaller wedding. With the price, the ability to buy multiple may be doable! Sun and rainproof for year-round use.

Party Canopy Tent

Amazon • $89.99

Fitting 40-50 guests, an enclosed structure works for winter and summer weddings to block the sun or rain out. Made of iron poles for a stable structure.

Hexagon Gazebo Tent from Overstock - DIY Wedding Tents

Hexagon Gazebo Tent

Overstock • $103

A mesh gazebo that is designed differently from the rest. Easy assembly with two zippers to enter and exit. Enjoy the outdoors while keeping the bugs out.

Canvas Tent

Etsy • $251

A different approach to the typical wedding tent. A unique idea for a photo op or an area for sitting with friends and family. A waterproof canvas tent fitting 8-10 guests at a time

Amazon Popup Tent - DIY Wedding Tents

Popup Tent

Amazon • $99.99

A tent on wheels to be used long after the wedding. Ideal for rainy and sunny days, with 10 feet of space under each tent.

quictent diy outdoor tents

Quictents is a website full of outdoor tents. Ranging from size and price, every option is possible. From pop-up canopies, party tents, and shade sails, Quictents makes it doable to purchase a tent without breaking the bank!

How to Make a DIY Wedding Tent

DIY tents are possible with some work and a few trips to your local hardware store. PVC pipes are key to building an affordable DIY wedding tent. Below is a step-by-step process for the tent of your dreams at a price that is realistic for everyone. This DIY tent is 20 by 15 feet that can be staked into the ground, fitting 20 people for a seated dinner. A detailed instruction list and how-to is listed here.

What you need:

  • (4) 10 ft long PVC pipes
  • (2) 20 ft long PVC pipes
  • (2) 15 ft long PVC pipes
  • (4) 12 ft 5 inches long PVC pipes
  • (5) PVC 4-way connectors
  • 7 ½ yards by 5 ½ yards white fabric
  • Heavy-duty string or twine


The step-by-step process below to build a DIY tent:

  • Step 1- secure one 10-ft-long PCV to the middle bottom hole of each connector. These will classify as tent poles.
  • Step 2- Create a 20 by a 15-foot rectangle on the ground by connecting the 20 and 15 ft pipes to the side holes on the four-way PVC connectors that are already connected to the 10-foot tent poles.
  • Step-3- Add a four-way PVC connector to attach all four of the 12 feet, 5-inch long pipes. The peak of the tent will be formed.
  • Step-4- Using the last middle top hole in the PVC connectors, link the top of the tent to the four corners of the frame.
  • Step 5- Stake or stabilize the poles with cement blocks into the ground to set up the tent frame.
  • Step 6- Using the heavy-duty string, tie a 15-inch length to each corner of the fabric of your choice.
  • Step 7- Use the strings to drape the fabric across the tent frame and tie each end around the tent poles to secure the awning.
  • Step 8- Decorate and hang lighting of choice throughout!

Are you setting up your own DIY wedding tent?

We hope this round-up of inexpensive tents and the step-by-step DIY process have helped your future wedding plans!

Have you been successful in finding the right tent for your outdoor wedding? Join us in our community to discuss DIY weddings and more!


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