Name Change Kits: What’s Included, and Are They Worth It?

The Budget Savvy Bride

Name changes aren’t straightforward. There are numerous forms you’ll have to file to change your legal name.

Changing your last name when you get married is quite an undertaking. Make it simple, savvy, and less stressful with a kit from Easy Name Change!

Name change kits make changing your name easy—with step-by-step instructions to request your name change legally and correctly the first time.

What is a Name Change Kit?

The best part is name change kits also come with a helpful customer service team you can access if you have any questions or concerns.

When you order your name change kit through our partners, you will: Save time Save money Have peace of mind Receive reputable services

The Perks of Choosing Easy Name Change

Easy Name Change has an all-inclusive kit to make the name change process more straightforward and faster.

What’s Inside an Easy Name Change Kit?

If you’re the bride (or groom!) and you’re ready to save weeks of administration and hassle, choose your kit here. The only document you need to get started is the official marriage certificate! 

How Do I Order an Easy Name Change Kit?

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