New Affordable Bridesmaids Dress Collection: Thread from Dessy

The Budget Savvy Bride

If you’re looking for gorgeous and affordable bridesmaids dresses for your besties, look no further than this new collection from Dessy!

Simple & Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses

Today we want to share an affordable new bridesmaids dress collection from one of our favorite partners.

Thread Bridesmaid is a new collection of simple, affordable bridesmaids dress styles from The Dessy Group!

This collection was designed with breathable, lightweight fabric so your bridesmaids will feel comfortable and relaxed on your special day, while looking fabulous, of course!

Limited Colors, Unlimited Style

There is currently a limited color palette available, but the ones available are classic and sooooo pretty. 

Limited Colors, Unlimited Style

The collection, designed by Vivian Dessy Diamond, features ten simple but stunning silhouettes, each priced between $119 – $149.

Save on your Dessy purchase

To make the deal even sweeter, don’t forget, you can also save on your purchase with our exclusive Dessy coupon code on the wedding deals page!

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