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Today I'm thrilled to share with you a post by Danielle from Blooms by the Box! As you know BBTB is one of our sponsors and I was so excited when Danielle mentioned wanting to start a monthly DIY flower series here on BSB! I think her posts will be helpful and informative for those of you who want to tackle your own wedding flowers in order to save some dough! If you have questions or topics you'd like Danielle to cover, please let us know! And now, here's Danielle!

How to choose Wedding Flowers, keeping the color wheel in mind!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think one of the first things that brides-to-be do early in the wedding planning process is pick the colors that are going to be incorporated into their big day! Although flowers do add ambiance and texture to the wedding decor, I’m pretty sure that the basis of their appeal is color. And I’m sure that brides-to-be and brides a like will agree that color plays a huge role in your wedding day.

When we’re in grade school we learn about colors, and more importantly, the color wheel. Now I know what you’re thinking, “There is no way that the color wheel will help me plan my wedding.” But au contraire, using this elementary art tool will not only help you when arranging your flowers, but will also lead you in the right direction in choosing your color palette.

That’s why Blooms By The Box has created The Flower Color Wheel! Now before I say anything else, let me just say that all brides can use this color wheel, whether you’re DIY’ing your wedding flowers, or using it on you first floral consultation, we hope that you (or your florist) will be able to create not only beautiful floral arrangements and color combinations.

choose Wedding Flowers

The Flower Color Wheel

Okay, now back to how you will actually use this color wheel to arrange flowers. There are three approaches you can take when you keep color in mind when choosing and arranging your wedding flowers…

#1. Complementary Color Combinations

choose Wedding Flowers

For vibrant, intense results, combine Complementary colors in your bouquets and arrangements. These colors appear across from each other on the color wheel: Yellow-Purple, Blue-Orange, Red-Green. When you put Complementary colors side-by-side they tend to enhance the intensity of each other.

#2. Analogous Color Combinations

choose Wedding Flowers

You can create soothing, harmonious, romantic fresh flower combinations using Analogous colors. These hues are families of colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, like “Blues” (blue, blue-violet, blue-green), or “Yellows” (yellow-green, yellow, yellow-orange).

#3.Triadic Color Combinations

You can also create unusual, exciting combinations using Triadic colors, basing your flower choices on three colors that are equidistant from one another on the color wheel.  Think yellow/red/blue, or purple/green/orange, or blue-green/yellow-orange/red-violet.

So there you have it! I bet you never thought something you learned in grade school could contribute to your wedding décor! Lastly, keep in mind that these are merely suggestive combinations to enhance the colors and flowers you choose for your wedding. If your heart is set on an “all white” theme then go for it!

choose Wedding Flowers Danielle Zilg

Blooms By The Box



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  • 🙂 Thanks for this amazing opportunity, Jessica! I really appreciate it!

  • Love the flower color wheel!

  • Gisele S

    This is such a great idea/tool/whatever! I've been arguing (ok, sorry, "discussing") with my Mom over what colors "go" because what she was suggesting just looked off to me. Now I can show her why! This is awesome and I didn't think much about doing my own flowers before, but I just went to look at and now I;m thinking about it again. I had looked at some other sites before that sold flowers like that but they seemed really expensive (for not having flowers done) and you had to buy like huge amounts of each flower. I want to do a mixed bunch kind of wildflower looking and I would have had to buy enough for like 5 bridal bouquets. But that bloomsbythebox site lets you buy just one bunch of everything. Yay! So I think I can do it now! Thanks for the great article this is awesome!

  • This color wheel is a really great idea! Anything to make the planning easier is sure to be a hit!

  • Catherine

    Great post! I'm trying this now!

  • I did a Blog Post back on August 2, 2010 about something very simliar, though mine was more about how you can use the color wheel in life!!
    Enjoy! Love how much the color wheel can help with so many things-

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