Do You Believe the Wedding Party Should Pay for Destination Weddings?

The Budget Savvy Bride

A bride-to-be on Reddit asked if her wedding party should pay for their own way to her destination wedding, and many people said no. What’s your take?

If you chose to have a destination wedding at an exotic or touristy overseas location, would you expect your wedding party to pay their way fully, or would you contribute to the cost of attending?

A Canadian bride-to-be went on Reddit for help, these are the top-voted responses


It’s a Burden of a Request

Many agreed - "No one needs to spend a fortune so you can have some fancy schmancy wedding."

Make it a Family Vacation

Another shared “We viewed it as a family vacation with a wedding thrown in. Everyone paid their own travel but we paid for all means & accommodations."

It Depends On The Financial Situation

Many in the thread agreed that it depends on “your financial situation and how badly you want your chosen wedding party to be there.”

Wedding Parties Should Not Have to Pay

One confessed- “I’d be willing to pay for the expenses of the wedding party and immediate family who I’d need to be there. I wouldn’t invite anyone else.

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