Target Registry: The Ultimate Wedding Registry Experience

The Budget Savvy Bride

Because of the general awesomeness of Target, the retailer has long been a go-to for wedding registries.

Looking for the ultimate wedding registry to suit your needs as newlyweds? Check out the many reasons to love the Target Wedding Registry!

New reasons to love the Target Wedding Registry

They’ve basically created the Ultimate Wedding Registry experience for couples, and we truly believe that Target is one of the best places to register for your wedding gifts.

Target has partnered with Honeyfund to offer Target guests the chance to register for honeymoon experiences, flights.

Honeyfund Adds Experience Gifting to the Target Wedding Registry

Other Great Features of the Target Wedding Registry


Keep a sneaky eye on your gift list and see who gave you what, and organize those thank-you notes!

Gift Tracking

Add gifts items from any other website you visit on the web, and they will be listed on your Target Wedding Registry!

Universal Registry

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