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The Pros and Cons of a Honeymoon Registry

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Instead of registering for household items, your guests can contribute to your dream honeymoon! But is a honeymoon registry right for you? Here are the pros and cons to help you decide.


Honeymoon registries – yay or nay?

Registering for fine china is becoming a thing of the past, thanks to technology and the shifting priorities of today’s couples.

If you and your partner are already living together, you may find the act of setting up a wedding registry to be a difficult task. Perhaps you already have everything you need for your kitchen and home… what are you supposed to register for?

Or maybe you and your spouse-to-be just value experiences over things. Whatever the case may be, you may find that choosing a honeymoon registry is a great option for you!

What is a honeymoon registry?

In case you’re not familiar with the term, a honeymoon registry is a modern take on a wedding registry for today’s couples. It allows soonlyweds to register for experiences such as hotel stays, activities, flights, and more. Then, their guests are able to financially contribute towards the things a couple registered for. Essentially, you could register for the trip of a lifetime, funded by your nearest and dearest in celebration of your marriage. Awesome, right?

If you’re still on the fence, let’s weigh the pros and cons of honeymoon registries.  Below are some of the pros we’ve come up with, as well as some questions you may need to ask yourselves to come to a conclusion.

Pros of honeymoon registries:

  • Provides the couple with additional resources to use on their honeymoon to enjoy activities they’d otherwise skip.
  • Gives guests an opportunity to pool resources together to give the couple a special experience.
  • Offers the couple an alternative to registering for a traditional household registry, or a way to supplement their household registry if they’re not creating a full registry.
  • Great for couples who already live together and don’t need more “stuff”
  • Amazing for couples who value experiences over things.
  • Gives you the ability to have a financially stress-free honeymoon!
  • It’s convenient. Your guests don’t have to worry about wrapping or carrying a gift to the wedding day!

Questions to ask yourself when considering honeymoon registries:

  • How can we ensure that we have our resources in time for the honeymoon?
  • Am I overlooking any items that I should have on my household registry that I haven’t thought of?
  • Are we able to afford the honeymoon we want without the help of a honeymoon registry? (We recommend that you only book what you can actually afford, and then use whatever you receive for honeymoon funds to go towards extras.)
  • Would a cash registry be better than specifically a honeymoon registry?
  • Are we willing to absorb the service fees associated with these platforms on our guests’ behalf?

Honeymoon Registry Options to Consider:

If you’re considering creating a honeymoon registry instead of a traditional household registry, check out the following options, listed alphabetically.

honeymoon registries - blueprint registry

Blueprint Registry

Blueprint Registry makes the registry experience simple and organized. Create a page where you can list the items you’d like such as flights, hotel nights, experiences, etc. Or you can create a general honeymoon fund that guests can contribute to. Super simple!

honeymoon registries - honeyfund


The Honeyfund registry allows for crowdfunding for honeymoons, tangible gifts, and more! Honeyfund can be used with no fees (to you or the gift-giver) if you redeem your funds via a digital gift card vs a bank transfer!

honeymoon registries - honeymoon wishes

Honeymoon Wishes

The Honeymoon Wishes registry has direct partnerships with hotels and cruise lines, so you can use the funds you’re given to book your honeymoon right within their platform! Easy peasy!

bridal registries - travelers joy

Traveler’s Joy

The registry from Traveler’s Joy is one of the OG honeymoon registries, and is definitely popular for a reason! Their real honeymoon registries are a great source of inspiration if you’re still on the fence of where you want to go, plus you can literally add any experience imaginable to your registry!

honeymoon registries - wanderable


The Wanderable registry is strictly for honeymoons, and that makes things simple. Not only can you register for your honeymoon using Wanderable, you can also use the platform to help plan your trip with curated experiences to peruse.

honeymoon registries - zola


The Zola registry is incredibly flexible, offering tangible gifts, honeymoon, and cash fund options. This allows guests (or a group of your guests) to contribute to a part of your honeymoon or towards specific items you’ve registered for.

What are your thoughts on honeymoon registries? Are you considering going this route?

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