The Ultimate Guide 

to Tipping Wedding Vendors

Wondering which of your wedding providers should receive a tip on your big day? Check out this handy guide to tipping your wedding vendors.

The first thing to note is that tipping your wedding vendors is not mandatory. Tips should be given for great service, not just for showing up and doing a basic job.

Important Notes for  Wedding Vendor 


If you set a budget for groceries, keep to it. If you need more room, use manufacturer and store coupons to get more bang for your buck. Food is one place where people overspend and there are no refunds available for buyer’s remorse. Find out suggested tipping amounts as well as if tipping is expected. Let’s get to it!

Stick to a budget.

Catering Optional or Expected? Standard Suggested tip amount: 15-20% of the bill (check your contracts for service fees!)

Tipping Wedding Vendors

This article will give you even more insight on what is expected or necessary when it comes to tipping wedding vendors.

Optional or Expected? Standard. Suggested tip amount: 15-25% of service cost

Hair & Makeup

Optional or Expected? Optional. Suggested tip amount: $25-$50 each, or up to 15% service cost

DJ or Band

See at-a-glance the best practices and recommendations for tipping your wedding vendors.