The Only Wedding Budget Spreadsheet You Need

The Budget Savvy Bride

 The most important thing you can do to help you stick to your wedding budget is tracking your wedding spending and making note of where it’s going.

Looking for a wedding budget spreadsheet template to keep track of your spending for the big day? Snag our Savvy Weddings®️ Budget Template for just $5!

This spreadsheet is user-friendly and available via Google Sheets to help you stay organized with your wedding budgeting plans.

Wedding Spreadsheet Template

The Savvy Weddings Budget Template is available in Google Sheets, which is great because you can update it on the go via the app on your phone!

Google Sheets Wedding Budget Template

This wedding budget spreadsheet has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from brides and grooms across the country!

Why We Love This Savvy Wedding Budget Template

1. Stationery 2. Invitations 3. Postage 4. Attire

What’s Included in the Savvy Weddings®️ Budget Template

A Google spreadsheet can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Both partners can access the document and update it whenever necessary.

Why Use a Google Sheet to Track Your Wedding Budget?

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