Top 10 Things Men Labeled as the Biggest Waste of Money at a Wedding

The Budget Savvy Bride

Are you ready to break down what guys consider a massive waste of funds on your special day? Then, we got you covered.

What actually matters on the wedding day? Learn about the top 10 things men labeled as the biggest waste of money at a wedding.

The Wedding

The number-one-voted response from men was the wedding “event” itself! Hmm, have they met Budget Savvy Bride? We agree that some people spend way too much money on the event.

Several men in the thread agreed that brides spend a ridiculous amount of money on a wedding dress they will only wear once.

The Dress

One man questioned the value of a Tuxedo Rental. He elaborated, “$175 to rent one, $250 to buy one. Do the math.

The Tux Rentals

The wedding cake comes in at number four on this list. Why does it cost so much for a stunning cake that tastes like straight trash?

The Wedding Cake

One explained that the DJ is better because when people are dancing and their favorite song plays, they don’t want to hear the band’s interpretation. Instead, they want to listen to the actual songs.

The Band

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