Wedding Day Survival Kit: What to Pack for the Big Day

The Budget Savvy Bride

On your big day, it’s important to have a few things on hand in case of an “emergency.”

Learn the essential items for the ultimate Wedding Day Survival Kit, so you’ll have all the must-have items on hand when it matters most.

Must-haves for your Wedding Day Survival Kit


Bottled Water

You’ll want to stay hydrated on the wedding day, not only for longevity but also for your skin to look its best. So make sure to keep some Bottled Water on hand.

Quest Bars, Nuts, or other protein-packed snacks are great to keep on hand if you get the munchies but don’t want to feel bloated in your dress!

Healthy Snacks

To avoid spills when drinking and wiping off your lipstick, having drinking straws on hand is key. Plus, aren’t they cute?

Drinking Straws

You’ll want your breath to be fresh for the first kiss, so don’t forget to keep some breath mints on hand. Your future spouse will thank you!

Breath Mints

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