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DIY Frame + Greenery Wedding Centerpieces

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Nickell from Simply Handmade Studios is back with another project for us, this one for a DIY Frame Wedding Centerpiece with Greenery. View her other fun and thrifty DIY tutorials here.

DIY Frame + Greenery Wedding Centerpieces
Nickell Morgan

This DIY frame wedding centerpiece is my personal favorite of all the wedding centerpieces I’ve created. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s very economical! If I can make this centerpiece, you can too, since this is my first time doing it. Think of this as crafting with a friend ๐Ÿ™‚

DIY Frame Wedding Centerpiece with Greenery and Flowers

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $$

Materials Needed for this Project:

Below is a list of supplies that I used to make this frame wedding centerpiece. Of course, you can cater the materials, colors, etc. to match the color and theme of your wedding/party:


While the lantern is in production, go ahead and place the floral foam in the bucket of water. The foam will take a few minutes to soak in the water. Don’t push it down as tempting as it is! Just let it fall to the bottom/soak the water naturally.

Once I was all done with the lantern, I hot-glued a clear saucer to the bottom of the lantern and glued reindeer moss around it to cover the bare balsa wood. I made sure that the saucer was able to hold the size of the floral foam I had. The foam size will vary depending on the size of the lantern.

I then placed the floral foam into the saucer.

Once you have the foam inside, start sticking in the filler leaves in the dome. Be sure not to re-use a hole that has been punctured. This will form an air pocket and not allow the plant to drink the water that has soaked in the foam.

In short, it will cause the leaf or flower to wilt before your event is over! No one wants that!!

Ignore the holes here. I had to re-film this video since I wasn’t recording the first time! Your dome will be nice and smooth ๐Ÿ™‚

When the entire dome has been covered by the filler leaves, begin adding the largest flowers first and worked your way to the smaller flowers.

Once you’re happy with the way the arrangement looks, you’re all done! So easy, right??

Want to see how I actually made this frame wedding centerpiece arrangement? Check out the video below:

Photos of the arrangement were taken by the talented Adena from Studio A Images (@studioaimages). Special thanks to Snug Harbor (@celebrateatsnugharbor) for letting me use their gorgeous facility! Flowers are from Flower Moxie.

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Nickell Morgan

Nickell (Kell) is the founder of Simply Handmade Studios, where she creates easy to follow video tutorials and blog posts on unique DIY projects, and home decor, and weddings that cater to the everyday gal (or guy)! She has a passion for creativity and helping others harness their inner artist and teaching in a way that makes art and DIY less intimidating. She hopes to inspire others to get creative and tap into their inner artist, because she truly believes that everyone has the capability of creating something beautiful!