Meaningful Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Your wedding rings symbolize your love and commitment to your spouse, so they're already inherently personal. But one of the easiest ways to further infuse love and a meaningful touch into your wedding rings is to personalize them with engraving.

Whether you want a simple inscription or something more elaborate, we’ve got plenty of ideas and tips to get you started, along with some beautiful options from Blue Nile.

Wedding Ring Engraving Tips

When choosing an engraving for your partner’s wedding band, think about his or her personality. Is your partner a sappy, sentimental person or more of a jokester? Focus on selecting a secret message that honors both your relationship and your partner’s unique personality.

Consider personalities

Explore different locations for the inscription. Depending on the band’s thickness and what options your jeweler has available, you may be able to engrave on the inside or outside of the band or even around the edge.

Get creative

Talk to your jeweler about any special requests you have in mind. You’ll also want to ask about any restrictions due to the size or material of your wedding bands. No matter what, it’s important to get clarity by speaking directly with your jeweler for the perfect inscription.

Consult your jeweler

This romantic gesture is the perfect way to delight your partner on your wedding day– aka your first day as a married couple! What a way to set the tone for the rest of your life together than exchanging beautiful rings with an extra personal touch. Your spouse is sure to remember it forever– especially since they’ll be wearing the ring every day!

Make it a surprise!

A short phrase or sentence is all you need. After all, there’s not much real estate on the inside of a tiny engagement ring or wedding band. You likely won’t be able to fit much more than a few words and certainly not lines of text, especially if the band is very thin.

Keep it simple

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