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Men's Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings: What You Need to Know

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Looking for the perfect wedding or engagement ring for the special man in your life? We’re answering all your questions about picking the perfect ring for your guy.


When it comes to men’s wedding rings, there are a few things you need to know. From how much to spend, to what style to choose, to which hand to wear it on, you might have a few questions about this important purchase. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at men’s wedding rings and engagement rings. We’ll also explore popular styles and metals to help you choose the perfect ring for your fiance that he will enjoy for years to come!

The Rules of Engagement: Wedding Rings for Men

There are no set rules for men’s engagement rings – as long as both people are happy with the choice, that’s all that matters! Finding a ring that suits the wearer’s personal style and the giver’s budget is the magic formula for a perfect ring choice. One retailer we love to recommend for this oh-so-important purchase is none other than Blue Nile

1. What are the different types of rings available for men?

There are a few different basic types of rings available for men. The most common type is the traditional band, which is a simple metal ring. Other popular options include a metal band with diamonds or other gemstones, as well as two-tone rings.

While it’s most common to see simple ring styles on men, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Men can wear a diamond ring, too– it may not be a raised solitaire diamond like you’re used to seeing on women’s engagement rings.

2. How do you choose the right ring for your partner?

When it comes to choosing a ring for your fiancé, it is important to consider his personal style. If he is someone who likes to dress up, a ring with diamonds or other gemstones might be a good choice. For a more low-key guy, a simple band might be the way to go. If your guy does a lot of work with his hands, you might want to look specifically for durable rings.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring for your future husband or a wedding band he’ll wear after the big day, the most important thing is to choose a ring that he will be happy to wear every day.

Tips for Finding Out Your Partner’s Ring Preferences

Without ruining any surprises, it’s a good idea to figure out which styles he likes. Here are a few tips to try to suss out his desires:

  • Point out men’s rings when you’re out in public and gauging his reaction.
  • Look up wedding rings worn by male celebrities and show him options ranging from timeless to wild– this can be helpful to see what he is drawn to.
  • Ask some of his male friends if he’s ever mentioned anything about the styles of rings he likes.
  • Visit jewelry stores together to look for something for yourself (perhaps your own ring!) and suggest he try on some styles to see what he physically likes on his hand.

Feel free to get creative in your approach to finding out what style of ring he might prefer.

3. What materials are used in wedding and engagement rings?

The most popular metals for men’s wedding rings are gold or platinum. Gold is a classic choice that never goes out of style, and you can choose from different hues such as yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Platinum is a more expensive option that is very strong and durable.

Of course, there are dozens of other precious metals or other materials you could find in a man’s engagement rings. From titanium rings to tungsten carbide, palladium, cobalt chrome, tungsten, stainless steel, and beyond– there are countless options to suit your style and budget.

When it comes to choosing a metal for your ring, it is important to consider your fiancé’s lifestyle. If he works with his hands, tougher or more durable metals like platinum or palladium might be a good choice. If he has allergies, gold might be a better option. Ultimately, it is up to you and your partner to decide which metal is best for him!

4. Where can I find men’s engagement rings?

Plenty of jewelry designers offer men’s wedding and engagement bands, with some even designing a special line of engagement rings for men in recent years. You don’t have to select a ring from a special collection, though! Since most men’s engagement rings resemble wedding bands in style and form, you can use them for either or both! Blue Nile has a great selection of unique men’s wedding bands to consider that would be perfect for your guy.

5. What are the most popular styles of men’s wedding rings or engagement rings?

Below, you can see the top 10 engagement or wedding ring styles for men from Blue Nile. Get the details and see the metal options on their website! Of course, with Blue Nile, you can always go the custom route, so reach out via their website for options if you want to further personalize your ring.

Platinum Brushed Inlay Wedding Ring

You can’t go wrong with selecting a classic style in high-quality platinum metal.

Brushed Platinum Wedding Ring with a Beveled Edge

Men’s wedding bands are often simple and timeless. This brushed beveled edge style is an ideal choice.

Yellow Gold Classic Wedding Band

This classic gold band measures 5mm for a slim profile and is made in 14k yellow gold that will last forever.

White Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Band

The perfect jewelry is the styles that are comfortable, unobtrusive, and become one with the wearer. This comfort-fit style definitely fits the bill!

Matte Beveled Edge Wedding Ring in Platinum Yellow Gold

If you’re looking for unique men’s wedding bands, consider a two-tone style for a little secret detail. Take it a step further by engraving a meaningful message inside.

Hammered Milgrain Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in Platinum

This style has a bit of an edge with its hammered look and tiny grain inset borders.

Milgrain Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in Platinum

This classic-style ring is built for comfort as well as elegance. We love the edge detail!

Yellow Gold Brushed Inlay Wedding Ring

This classic style measures 6mm and is made with 14k Yellow Gold for a timeless look.

White and Rose Gold Brushed Beveled Edge Wedding Ring

If your guy can’t decide on just one metal color, this brushed beveled edge wedding ring in 14k white and rose gold is a beautiful way to get the best of both!

Platinum Wedding Ring with Channel-Set Diamonds

If your man loves a bit of sparkle, perhaps this platinum ring with 1/3 carat weight of small diamonds is a perfect choice!

6. How much should you expect to spend on a men’s wedding ring, and where can you find good deals on them?

Unlike the three-month salary rule that is widely shared for calculating the cost of a woman’s engagement ring, there is no recommended amount to spend on a wedding or engagement ring for men. How much you spend on an engagement ring is a very personal choice and should depend on your personal values and financial situation. Of course, a good rule of thumb is to spend only what you can afford.

Men’s engagement rings can range anywhere from under $100 to thousands, depending on the type of metal chosen or if there are any precious stones included in the design. Men’s rings will likely cost significantly less than traditional diamond engagement rings, and it’s okay if the cost of each partner’s ring is different. As long as both parties are happy with their rings and comfortable with the amount spent, the amounts don’t need to be equal. 

7. How do you take care of your ring once you have it, and how long will it last?

Caring for your ring is important to keep it looking its best. Whether your ring contains precious metals, diamonds, or other gemstones, clean it with a solution that is appropriate for the materials. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as these can damage your jewelry. Check out Blue Nile’s cleaning solutions for products that will work perfectly to clean your ring.

It is also important to avoid damaging your ring when doing active exercise or even when doing simple activities like gardening or cooking. With proper care, your ring will last a lifetime!

8. Do men wear engagement rings?

It’s become a staple of popular culture that a man would propose to a woman with a diamond engagement ring for her to wear as a symbol of their intent to wed. But thanks to expanding the right to wed to same-sex couples, we’ve seen new traditions formed, including the new trend of “mangagement rings.”

Men’s engagement rings are increasing in popularity, with many modern couples choosing to have both partners wear one. And we’re big fans of this recent trend! Gay couples with two grooms may choose to both wear engagement rings during their pre-wedding period, so why shouldn’t straight men get to show off their engaged status? Regardless of sexuality, the male engagement ring trend is fabulous because it allows both partners to wear rings to show off their relationship status.

9. Is a man’s engagement ring different than his wedding ring?

While the trend of men wearing engagement rings is new, one thing that hasn’t changed is that most men opt to only wear one ring after the wedding day. Most men’s wedding rings are thicker in size than a woman’s wedding band or engagement ring, which could be bulky if doubled. So, in many cases, men will opt to wear only one ring after they are married for the sake of comfort. 

10. What hand does a man wear his engagement ring on?

Most men wear their engagement rings on their left hand, not their right hand. The left hand is considered the “heart” hand. Wearing your ring on this finger symbolizes that your heart belongs to your fiancé. Of course, it is a matter of personal preference at the end of the day, but wearing your ring on your left ring finger has become the standard for couples in western cultures.

In Closing

Now that you know a little more about men’s wedding rings and engagement rings, the process of choosing the perfect one should be a little easier! No matter what, your partner will love his ring because it symbolizes your lifelong commitment and deep love for one another.


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