Wedding Sparklers

Where to Buy & Tips to Create a Flawless Send-off!

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Make your grand exit from the wedding reception extra special with wedding sparklers! Learn where to shop for affordable and high-quality wedding sparklers!

If you’re considering using wedding sparklers for We’ve got all the details of what you need to plan for and keep in mind when adding a dash of special sparkle to your big day!

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers

Many venues have legal restrictions on fireworks or other non-biodegradable items that may be tossed on their property, including sky lanterns.

Make sure sparklers are allowed at your wedding venue.

You’ll need to have something on hand to light sparklers– and lots of them! There are a few different types of lighters you could consider, but you’ll definitely want something with a larger flame than a typical lighter.

Have a lighter handy