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Wedding Sparklers

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Where to Buy and Tips to Create a Flawless Sparkler Send Off! Make your grand exit from the wedding reception extra special with wedding sparklers! Learn where to shop for affordable and high-quality wedding sparklers!


So you’re considering using sparklers for your wedding send off? You’re in the right place! We’ve got all the details of what you need to plan for and keep in mind when adding a dash of special sparkle to your big day!

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Weddings are made up of many special moments. The hope is that your wedding photographers will capture all the best moments through their lenses!

One of the most iconic photo-worthy moments of any wedding reception is the couple’s exit from the celebration as they leave as newlyweds. Who doesn’t love a photo of a couple giddily walking amongst their loved ones as partners in life?

How will you commemorate your grand exit once your wedding reception playlist ends? Many couples get creative with their wedding exits to make that moment extra special. From tossing rice or confetti to blowing bubbles to being surrounded by glittering wedding sparklers– there are many options to make the moment memorable.

✨ Why use Sparklers for your Wedding Send Off?

We think anyone would agree that a wedding sparkler exit makes for a perfect ending to your celebration. But it makes for even more magical wedding photos! Just take a look at these amazing sparkler exits:

✨ What You Need to Know About Having a Sparkler Send Off at Your Wedding

If you have been dreaming of a wedding sparkler exit, there are some things you need to keep in mind. So, what do you need to know about using sparklers for your wedding exit?

⭐️ Make sure sparklers are allowed at your wedding venue

Many venues have legal restrictions on fireworks or other non-biodegradable items that may be tossed on their property, including sky lanterns. Technically, sparklers are considered a type of firework, so you’ll want to make sure they are allowed at your wedding venue. Double-check to make sure you are within the terms of your contract before purchasing sparklers!

⭐️ Have a lighter handy.

You’ll need to have something on hand to light sparklers– and lots of them! There are a few different types of lighters you could consider, but you’ll definitely want something with a larger flame than a typical lighter. Your best bet would likely be a refillable torch lighter or barbecue grill lighter as they have longer flames for easier lighting!

⭐️ Size matters

Choose what size sparkler you want your guests to use for your sparkler aisle. Most sparkler sellers offer the standard 20-inch wedding sparklers, but the longer the sparkler, the longer they will burn. A longer burn time means more opportunity for your photographer to capture the perfect sparkler exit photo for you to put into your wedding album. We’ve seen retailers sell products in the following sizes: 36 inch, 20 inch, and 10 inch sparklers, so make sure you get the right size for the best impact.

⭐️ Sparkler exit photo tips

Make sure your photographer is aware that you want to include sparkler exit photos in your shot list. Your photographer (and the second shooter, if applicable) will want to be prepared to capture the moment and have their camera focus, shutter speed, and ISO set accordingly for the best shooting conditions. They will want ample time to shoot images with and without the camera’s flash, so you have plenty of options to consider.

✨ Tips for Buying Wedding Sparklers

1. Make sure they’re made of metal

Wood will burn and cause smoke and ashes. Look for wedding sparklers with a steel wire core for the best results.

2. Plan on multiple sparklers per person

Depending on the size of your wedding, it may take a few minutes to light all of the sparklers. Have extra just in case.

3. Use a lighter to light your sparklers

Have guests share lighters or have them bring their own. Sometimes matches just won’t do the job since they have such a short lifespan. Buying multiple stick lighters is a great way to ensure the sparklers are lit as quickly as possible.

4. Look for sparklers with minimal smoke

Check out the descriptions of the sparklers you are buying, and make sure you find ones that don’t give off a lot of smoke when burning. Some even say ‘smoke free’. The smoke can obscure your beautiful photos and ruin the moment!

5. Buy in bulk to save

Order bulk sparklers to get a better price. Rather than buying by single packs, if you order large quantities, you’ll likely pay a lower price per sparkler. Even if you order more than you need, you could easily sell your extras (or any leftovers) to a local bride or groom after your wedding date!

wedding sparkler store

✨ Where to Buy High-Quality Wedding Sparklers

Looking for the best wedding sparklers to light up your reception? Check out these recommended sparkler shops below and score some savvy discounts on the highest quality sparklers you can find for the big day!

bride envy

Bride Envy

Buy wedding sparklers for your big day from Bride Envy! They even offer Sparkler Display Kits to make things super simple to set up!


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Wedding Sparklers Now

Get top-quality wedding sparklers at Wedding Sparklers Now for dazzling celebrations that light up your special day. Elevate your celebration with high-quality, safe, and stunning sparklers!


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wedding sparkers - buy your wedding sparkers from wedding sparkler store

The Wedding Sparkler Store

Another great spot to buy your wedding day sparklers is The Wedding Sparkler Store! Check out their selection of wedding sparklers of all different sizes, shapes, and styles!

✨ How to Display Wedding Sparklers

We love how simple it is to display sparklers, adding an extra sweet detail to your decor. Just grab a glass vase or metal bucket and tie a ribbon around it. Make a simple little sign to tape to the front. We love this one that says, “Send us off in style. Sparks Fly at 10 PM!” So cute, right?

PS – When you order wedding sparklers from Bride Envy, you’ll also get the chance to get a send-off kit (valued at $67) completely for free! Yep, they even have sparkler accessories! These kits have everything you need to display your sparklers and practice safety with your guests!

Wedding Sparkler Send Off Display Kits from Bride Envy Include:

  • Wedding Sparkler Send-Off Sign: Just download, edit, print, and frame
  • Sparkler Tags: Cute little tags are the perfect accent to your sparklers
  • Guest Instructions: Easy to follow for your send-off participants
  • Coordinator Instructions: Step-by-step guides for your bridesmaids or others helping with the send-off
  • Sparkler Photo Checklist: For your photographer
  • Guide: The Ultimate Sparkler Send-Off Guide
  • Girls Not Brides Support Certificate: Show your guests that your send-off helped girls around the world

whimsical wedding sparkler display kit from bride envy

Whimsical wedding sparkler display kit

rustic wedding sparkler display kit from Bride Envy

Rustic wedding sparkler display kit

wedding sparkler display kit-brideenvy-classic

Classic wedding sparkler display kit

How to Light Sparklers at Your Wedding Exit

Here are a few pro tips for creating the best sparkler send-off with your wedding guests. First off, do not buy 3 foot sparklers. We recommend sparklers in the 20-22″ range. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Have your guests line up on both sides of the walkway. Have your wedding coordinator or wedding party direct folks so that both sides are evenly spread with people.
  2. Give un-lit sparklers to each person in line along both sides of the walkway.
  3. Have the people at the first of the line and the middle of the line light their sparklers and then “pass” the spark down the line by touching ends with the person next to them until every sparkler is lit.
  4. Once everyone’s sparklers are lit, then proceed through the walkway with your new spouse for a beautiful, sparkling tunnel of light that will make for the most swoon-worthy photos!

Are you planning to use wedding sparklers for your reception exit? We think they’re the perfect touch for a sparkling send-off! We hope these ideas, resources, and shopping suggestions give you the perfect wedding sparkle for your grand exit! 

Join us in the community to talk about all things wedding sparkler exits!

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