Would You Remove Medical Equipment for Perfect Wedding Pictures or Tell Your Sister No

The Budget Savvy Bride

Would you compromise your health and safety for the sake of a photo at someone’s wedding? This takes “doing it for the ‘Gram” to a whole new level.

Recently, a woman we’ll call Anna was asked to be a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. Anna confided that she was a Type 1 Diabetic who uses external blood sugar and insulin devices, one on each arm.

Sleeveless Dresses

When the bridal party was trying on dresses, the bride confessed that she wanted them to wear sleeveless gowns and asked Anna to not wear her medical devices.

Her mom took the bride's side and went on to recommended she move the devices to her stomach, which is highly uncomfortable.

Her Mother’s Suggestion

Anna should politely decline the invitation to the wedding. If her sister cares “more about her aesthetic wants than your medical needs,” you don’t need to be there.

Decline the Invite

Others who have worn blood sugar and insulin monitoring devices declared wearing them anywhere other than their arm was uncomfortable.

These Devices Are Uncomfortable

There is an app called Photoshop that helps with editing, “has your sister or her wedding photographer never heard of it?”

Ever Heard of Photoshop?

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