You’ll Want To Know This Before Booking Your Wedding Venue!

The Budget Savvy Bride

Planning a wedding? Learn from one Redditor’s lesson and make sure you know this important thing before you book your wedding venue.

Focus on the Fine Print

Whether the wedding venues you’re looking at have the fine print, be sure to inquire about price increases from year to year.

One Bride Had to Cancel Their 2023 Wedding Due to menu prices hike. The bride-to-be stated they couldn’t justify going from an on-budget wedding to an “extravagant affair”.

A newlywed bride admitted the fine print also screwed her over. She explained paying a $1,000 deposit and was told to “expect a few changes, maybe $500/$1000 at MOST.” These changes reflected taxes and administrative fees.

Another bride-to-be expressed that she was having the same issue actively with her vendor. In addition to raising the price per head, the venue reduced what’s included for that price.

There are other things you should consider before booking your wedding venue. For example, some restrict catering companies, live music, and liquor.

Other Considerations 

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