Bridesmaid Drops Out of Wedding Right Before the Bells. Was She Wrong

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A close friendship was tested when a bridesmaid dropped out of her best friend’s wedding right before the big day.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are being excluded from an important event? Read a true story of one bridesmaid who was mistreated and ostracized by the bride-to-be and other wedding party members.

The Situation

Every time I was with them, I tried to bond. Still, I was uncomfortable with the situation until Ann’s cousin started attending these events and interacting with me.

Things came to a head when the bridesmaid’s godmother, the groom’s mother, discovered that the bridesmaid had not attended the bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Coming to a Head

After Tom discovered Jane’s mistreatment, he was angry with her for not informing him about how his bride-to-be and her wedding party were treating her. 

Dropping Out of the Wedding

Someone stated that the bride, Ann, was revealing her true character and advised the groom, Tom, to take notice before it was too late. 

Ann Is Revealing Her True Character

They further suggested that Ann may have ulterior motives, such as isolating Tom from his friends and family and controlling his life to suit her tastes.

Ann Is a Controlling Manipulator

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