The Best Cash Wedding Registry Options in 2023

The Budget Savvy Bride

Don’t launch a traditional wedding registry filled with tangible finds,  if solely receiving money is your goal.

Looking for the most flexible wedding registry? Money talks! Learn about the top cash wedding registry options for your big day gifts.

The site brings together a way to find wedding vendors, create and order your wedding invitations, manage your guest list, present a wedding website to your guests, and link your wedding registry all in one spot.


If you’re planning a great honeymoon together, Honeyfund is one cash registry option to have on your radar. Guests can easily find your registry and send any amount of money your way.


The brand offers excellent, easy-to-use templates, and it’s a name most people recognize. Even more exciting is that The Knot enables you to set up and link a cash wedding registry to your account.

The Knot Cash Funds

The goal of MyRegistry is to help you to fund “larger expenses” (think: honeymoon, a new home, etc.) Like other options, guests can find your registry and choose the amount they want to send to you.


Joy is a site with so many excellent features. You can use it to create a wedding website, you can turn to it to plan your wedding, and (of course!) you can use it to launch and monitor a cash wedding registry.


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