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The Best Cash Wedding Registry Options in 2024

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Looking for the most flexible wedding registry? Money talks! Learn about the top cash wedding registry options for your big day gifts.


Whether it’s because you don’t feel you need any more items for your home, you’re eager to take an incredible honeymoon, or you simply have big savings goals you would love assistance reaching, a cash wedding registry is something to put on your radar. Though it’s common for wedding guests to write a check or slip money inside your wedding card, there’s almost always a secondary option to purchase an item off of a registry.

But there are easy steps to take if solely receiving money is your goal. The most obvious? Don’t launch a traditional wedding registry filled with tangible finds. Instead, you will want to guide your guests toward a cash wedding registry (or another cash option.) So with that in mind, we’re sharing the best options to help you meet your financial wedding gift cash funding goals!

The Best Cash Wedding Registries for Flexible Gifting

We live in an age when sending money digitally to friends and family members after sharing a meal or an experience together is the norm. But a wedding day tends to make even the most forward-thing guests pause and search for a wedding registry. So, whether you’re looking for funds for a honeymoon or your new shared home together, the best thing to do is to provide your guests with some registry guidance. Below, we’re sharing the top five cash wedding registry options– as well as an idea you can easily DIY!

Zola - Cash Wedding Registry Options


If you have yet to hear about Zola, you’re missing out! The site brings together a way to find wedding vendors, create and order your wedding invitations, manage your guest list, present a wedding website to your guests, and link your wedding registry all in one spot.

Just like you would think, Zola offers cash wedding registries as one of the many options. But they take things one step further and enable your guests to Venmo any amount to you through the site! That way, they don’t have to worry about having their credit card on hand, and you can receive your gift (and transfer your funds to your bank) through an app you already know and love. It’s the best of both worlds!

Honeyfund - Cash Wedding Registry Options


If you’re planning a great honeymoon together, Honeyfund is one cash registry option to have on your radar. Guests can easily find your registry and send any amount of money your way.

What’s even better is they can help you to fund specific experiences of your choosing that you either already plan to enjoy or would love to be able to add to your itinerary. And the site isn’t just for honeymoons either — you can fund other things, like your first home. Regardless of why you use it, Honeyfund is free to set up a registry, which is another great bonus.

The Knot - Cash Wedding Registry Options

The Knot Cash Funds

Many couples build their wedding websites on The Knot. The brand offers excellent, easy-to-use templates, and it’s a name most people recognize. Even more exciting is that The Knot enables you to set up and link a cash wedding registry to your account.

Like other options, it’s free to use, and guests can choose the amount they would like to gift. Plus, on the off chance that you would like to also launch a traditional wedding registry, you can link both in the same spot for even easier gifting.

MyRegistry - Cash Wedding Registry Options


The goal of MyRegistry is to help you to fund “larger expenses” (think: honeymoon, a new home, etc.) Like other options, guests can find your registry and choose the amount they want to send to you. But what caught our eye about this site is they also mention enabling you to collect donations to the charities of your choice!

Not only can you ask for funds for your own experiences, but you can also enjoy an easy way to give back to the causes that mean the most to you on one of your most important days.

Joy - Cash Wedding Registry Options


Joy is a site with so many excellent features. You can use it to create a wedding website, you can turn to it to plan your wedding, and (of course!) you can use it to launch and monitor a cash wedding registry.

Plus, according to the site, you will not be charged fees once you’re ready to transfer your cash gifts to your bank account. Another fun fact is you can also link it to a traditional registry or use it as a honeymoon registry!

Venmo - Cash Wedding Registry Options


It’s highly likely that you’re already using Venmo to reimburse friends and family for meals and experiences, but have you thought about using it for your wedding day? One perk is it’s a company that many people are already familiar with, which erases any anxiety they may feel about wiring cash through a website.

Another perk is you can easily share your Venmo username on your wedding website or even as part of a day-of stationery detail. Plus, transferring funds to your bank account is quick and easy. Sometimes the best thing to do is to use something you already know!

Is a cash wedding registry right for you?

Although many guests will naturally gift you money on your wedding day, many people still feel most comfortable when they have the option to peruse a wedding registry. And having a cash wedding registry will do the trick! You can ask for money for upcoming life experiences, adventures you would love to have on your honeymoon or donations to your favorite charity. The options are all there for you, and, better yet, there are apps and sites to make the process even easier (and more fun) for everyone involved.

Are you doing a cash wedding registry? How are you presenting your choice to guests? We would love to hear more and share your thoughts in our community!

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