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The Perks of Having an Amazon Wedding Registry

What are the perks of an Amazon Wedding Registry? Does it really live up to all the hype? We go through the benefits here!

Why we love the Amazon Wedding Registry

Life is busy, and when you're planning a wedding, it can become even more so! That's why we love sharing resources that help you stay organized and sane along the way by making things more convenient, efficient, affordable, and generally more enjoyable, too!

One of our favorite resources to recommend?

Why? Because it will save you time, money, hassle, and headaches! Let us count the ways!

Check Out These Amazon Wedding Registry Perks

1. There are Endless Products to Choose from

Not only does this online behemoth host the world's largest selection of products in one single site, but they also offer the ability to add items from ANYWHERE online using their universal registry button. This means you can have everything you want, housed within one single registry, which is more convenient for you and your guests.

amazon premium brands

2. They Have All the Best Brands

Choose from all the lust-worthy brands that are popular for registries like KitchenAid, LeCreuset, Kate Spade, Cuisinart, Keurig, Wilton Armetale and so much more!  They even offer curated collections of their top sellers in different categories that will help guide you to the best products for your registry and life!

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3. Compare Reviews to Make the Best Choices

I personally love to shop on Amazon because I can read plentiful reviews from real customers. It really helps aid in making the best decision for whatever it is you're looking for. I especially love seeing a product that's named as a #1 bestseller in its category for that extra dose of confidence in my decision.

Amazon Wedding Registry Mobile

4. Manage Your Amazon Registry on the Go

These days, couples are busier than ever. We all have our attention being pulled in so many different directions. That's why it's amazing that you can create and manage your registry on-the-go with Amazon's mobile app! See something that you love while you're out and about and want to add it to your registry? Just open up the mobile app and add it in a snap!

amazon wedding registry

5. You Can Personalize Your Amazon Registry

Snazz up your wedding registry page with a custom photo of you and your fiancé to greet your guests. Just upload the photos of your choice with their easy uploader to create a welcoming and personalized look for your wedding registry.

6. Free Shipping on Amazon Prime items!

Who likes paying for shipping? Nobody! Save yourself and your guests big bucks on shipping by taking advantage of their FREE shipping offer. It doesn't matter if you're a Prime Member or not, anyone can get free shipping on eligible purchases over $25!

7. Amazon Wedding Registry Completion Discount and Earn Bonus Gifts!

Not only does Amazon offer a generous completion discount, but you can also earn bonus gifts! When you register for certain items or brands and your guests purchase them, you'll get bonus gifts! Prime members get 20% off on select remaining items (shipped and sold by seller Amazon.com) from their registry, while non-members receive 10%! Who doesn't love saving money? Add those big-ticket items like a Dyson Vacuum or a new Mattress and get them for 20% off after the big day!

8. Hassle-free returns for 180 days!!

Get free return shipping on any unused items for up to 180 days, so you don't have to stress about it. Enjoy your honeymoon and bask in your newlywed love bubble without having to run back and forth to dozens of stores making returns or exchanges. Return shipping is FREE and easy with print-at-home return labels, so there's no headaches and no hassle!

9. Amazon Package X-Ray

Amazon recently added a new feature to their arsenal of tech advancements that's kind of a game-changer when it comes to your registry. Amazon’s Package X-Ray will make it easier than ever to see, return or manage your thank you notes for wedding gifts bought on Amazon without even opening the box. (Yep, seriously!) Simply open the Amazon App on your smartphone, click on the camera icon, then select Package X-Ray. Then, you'll scan the barcode on the box with your wedding gift using the camera's barcode scanner. Once scanned, you can simply see what’s inside the box, schedule a return or visit your registry’s thank you page. Now that's convenience! Read more about it here!

10. You Can Shop Our Recommended Products!

That's right, The Budget Savvy Bride has our own Amazon Page full of recommended products for all aspects of your day! We've even got a dedicated section for our favorite items on Amazon to add to your wedding registry.

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