Eco-friendly Tableware for your Wedding Reception Catering!

The Budget Savvy Bride

What’s better than being budget-savvy? Being budget-savvy and eco-friendly! We love sharing eco-friendly wedding ideas to help you save the planet *and* save money.

Save the planet *and* save money on your wedding by using eco-friendly tableware for your wedding reception catering!

Compostable Assorted Cutlery

Poke holes in food, not the ozone layer. Repurpose’s sturdy cutlery are made from corn and other plant-based materials, and will actually last through the end of your meal.

There are many different types of plates you can purchase that are made of compostable materials. One brand we love is Dtocs. 

Compostable Plates

A compostable plate should last for one meal, not forever. Repurpose’s sturdy cocktail plates are non-toxic, made from sugarcane scraps and wood pulp, and perfect for your fancy veggie skewers and appetizers.

Compostable Cocktail Plates

Compostable drinkware is a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastics for a cheap wedding reception service.

Compostable Drinkware

Sip sustainably with compostable wine glasses. Made from corn and other plant-based materials, these cups are as elegant as they are non-toxic.

Compostable Stemless Wine Glasses

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