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The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

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Looking for an engagement ring from a company that uses sustainable and socially-conscious practices? Check out this list of top companies to find eco-friendly engagement rings!

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

When a couple is ready to take the next step in their relationship, they often want to do so in a way that is meaningful and reflective of their values. For many couples, that means choosing an eco-friendly engagement ring!

When it comes to eco-friendly engagement rings, there are a few key things to consider. First, is the diamond conflict-free? Second, what materials were used in the ring? And finally, how was the ring made?

For a ring to be considered eco-friendly, that typically means they are made from sustainable materials, such as recycled gold or conflict-free diamonds. Not only is this environmentally responsible, but it also sends a message that the couple is committed to making ethical choices.

Furthermore, eco-friendly engagement rings often come at a lower price point than traditional rings, making them a more affordable option for couples on a budget. Ultimately, there are many reasons why a couple might choose an eco-friendly engagement ring, but one thing is clear: these rings are a beautiful symbol of love and commitment.

Top Sites for Eco-friendly Engagement Rings

If you’re considering getting engaged and want to find an eco-friendly ring, you’re in luck! There are a lot of great options out there. Here are some of the top places to look for sustainably sourced rings. 

In fact, there are a number of eco-friendly engagement ring companies to consider. To help you narrow down your search for the perfect earth-conscious ring, we’ve rounded up a list of the top companies. Below, we detail what each one offers, how they’re keeping the environment in mind, and why we love them. 

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Aurate


What they offer: If you love modern jewelry that can also have a dainty twist, you will want to take a look at AuRate’s extensive collection. The New York-based brand creates sustainable jewelry, including engagement rings and a fine jewelry collection by Kerry Washington

How they care for the environment: AuRate offers shoppers the option to choose from traditional diamonds that follow Kimberly Process guidelines or lab-grown diamonds. Plus, all of the gold they use is 100% recycled, and they also look to sustainably harvest pearls. The charities they support are also worth mentioning, and so is their diversity model

What we love: We always love supporting women-owned brands, and we love knowing that’s part of the AuRate story! We also love their take on contemporary jewelry, as well as their extensive notes about how they support and give back to the environment and their community. 

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Blue Nile

Blue Nile 

What they offer: Like other companies, Blue Nile has a complete range of jewelry available on their website. Engagement rings are, of course, included! What’s cool is you can choose from a premade design, create your own, or order from a designer collection, like this one by Zac Posen

How they care for the environment: The biggest notes we could find are here about how Blue Nile adheres to the Kimberly Process. 

What we love: If you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring from an online retailer that not only offers quality diamonds but can also make you feel confident about shopping online, Blue Nile is a company to know! After all, they have been building upon their model since 1999.  

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth

What they offer: Brilliant Earth offers engagement rings, but they also go beyond that by designing fine jewelry (think: earrings, necklaces, and bracelets) as well as wedding bands. Their diamonds follow their “Beyond Conflict Free” standards, which they say “goes beyond industry practices” to ensure the diamonds they source and use do not have any ties to cruelty. 

How they care for the environment: Their diamond standards already hint about the care they extend toward the environment and its communities. Further, they also try to incorporate 100% recycled metal into all of their pieces whenever needed, donate to rainforest conservation, and use recycled packaging to ship their pieces.

What we love: Brilliant Earth launched in 2005, so they are one of the first companies to enter the eco-friendly jewelry industry. Experience and expertise always carry meaning (and confidence) to us, especially when you’re making such a big investment. 

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Catbird


What they offer: Catbird is known for their reasonably priced jewelry that often leans toward dainty, and they also have a full line of engagement rings and wedding bands. Plus, they dip into items for your home as well!

How they care for the environment: The Brooklyn-based brand follows the Kimberly Process for all new diamonds, and they also grow their own diamonds in a lab. Catbird looks to recycled gold, too. They make all of their jewelry in NYC, which helps to eliminate pollution from transportation and the supply chain.

What we love: Catbird is just plain cool. We love that they design fine jewelry and engagement rings in their studio, which allows their pricing to be far more affordable than other brands. After ordering your engagement ring, we think this is a company you will return to again and again whenever you want to add a new special jewelry piece to your collection.


Charles and Colvard

What they offer: Charles & Colvard is a leading retailer of moissanite jewelry, offering gemstones and finished pieces like rings and earrings. Their Forever One brand is known for its brilliance, cut, and quality, with colorless stones that are more affordable than diamonds. They sell loose moissanite stones and lab-grown diamonds for customization.

How they care for the environment: Charles and Colvard prioritizes environmental responsibility in their jewelry. They focus on lab-grown gemstones, particularly moissanite, which requires less energy to produce and avoids the environmental impact of traditional mining. Charles & Colvard also uses nearly 99% recycled precious metals in their jewelry. They refine & separate alloys from recycled gold for reuse, minimizing environmental impact.

What we love: Charles & Colvard offers stunning moissanite jewelry that has great sparkle and brilliance at a more affordable price than diamonds. We also praise the ethical sourcing and the company’s excellent customer service.

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Clean Origin

Clean Origin

What they offer: Clean Origin designs classic and timeless fine jewelry, engagement rings, and more! You will likely see their “Ethical Engagement Rings” note on their home page, which stands out to us. 

How they care for the environment: Rather than ever relying on the Kimberly Process to ensure their diamonds are ethical, Clean Origin chose to create all of their diamond pieces from lab-grown diamonds. It’s a straightforward and to-the-point choice!

What we love: Clean Origin knows who they are and what they stand for. If you’re imagining a lab-grown diamond ring, why not design it with a company that does one thing and one thing only? 

Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus

What they offer: Diamond Nexus provides handcrafted jewelry featuring their own patented lab-created diamond simulant– appropriately named The Nexus Diamond™. They claim their proprietary cut is the world’s best heirloom-quality diamond alternative on the market.

How they care for the environment: Since all of their diamonds are lab-created, they practically eliminate the potential for environmental and ethical impact.

What we love: Diamond Nexus offers a lifetime stone guarantee, no matter which size or style you choose! And their pricing is fantastic, coming in at around 80% less than a traditionally mined diamond. So savvy!

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Frank Darling

Frank Darling

What they offer: Frank Darling designs and sells engagement rings and wedding bands. We respect a company who chooses to focus on a few things, and do them really, really well! 

How they care for the environment: The brand only sells “conflict-free” diamonds or lab-grown diamonds from their collection, which they carefully curate. They’re also big fans of recycled diamonds! Frank Darling is based in New York City, which meets our U.S.-based suggestion!

What we love: The brand is fun with just the right amount of sass, and we really do applaud Frank Darling for focusing on offering a few key jewelry pieces rather than an extensive line you can shop for everyday jewelry too. 

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Ken & Dana Designs

Ken & Dana

What they offer: Every piece designed by Ken & Dana is “environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and incredibly unique.” They have a full line of engagement rings (and a quiz to help you to find the right style), stacked sets, wedding bands, and more. 

How they care for the environment: The company adheres to the Kimberly Process,  and they also offer the option to design an engagement ring with a lab-grown diamond. What makes Ken & Dana different is you can also purchase a Canadian-origin diamond! Plus, all pieces are designed in their NYC studio and include 100% recycled metal.

What we love: Ken & Dana is devoted to sustainability and ethics through a clearly defined mission. Plus, they’re on a mission to educate couples just like we are!

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Miadonna


What they offer: MiaDonna has a complete range of jewelry available for you to shop, including ready-to-ship engagement rings, engagement rings you can design, and wedding bands. The jewelry designer also has an extensive collection of lab-grown diamonds at their fingertips. They even offer a synthetic diamond option, the Diamond Hybrid Simulant, which is a mere fraction of the cost of a traditional (and real) stone. 

How they care for the environment: All of MiaDonna’s diamonds are lab-grown or simulants, which means you will never have to worry about your ring including a stone that was not ethically or sustainably sourced. They also only use recycled metal, and they even have a foundation called The Greener Diamond Foundation.

What we love: Because MiaDonna only creates rings with lab-grown diamonds or simulants, their commitment to sustainability and protecting mining communities is on full display at all times. Plus, their designs are gorgeous!

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart

What they offer: Taylor & Hart focuses on engagement rings and wedding bands, so you can shop with them while knowing both pieces will match. Their team also claims to be very collaborative should you wish to design a custom piece.

How they care for the environment: Although Taylor & Hart adheres to the Kimberly Process, their care for the environment is not as extensive as other brands. The ring’s design begins in London as a sketch before it is sent to China for manufacturing and then back to London for finishing. That’s a lot of travel, a lot of reliance on the supply chain, and a lot of potential pollution.

What we love: We do think Taylor & Hart’s designs are classic and beautiful! However, if you’re hoping to purchase a diamond engagement ring that has an ethically sourced stone, metal that is recycled, and a careful shipping process that allows your piece to travel minimally even within the U.S., look to one of the other brands on our list instead.

The Top Places to Find Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings - Vrai


What they offer: The Vrai experience starts with their sleek and simple website that presents them as a high-end brand that’s also very sustainable. Plan to shop for fine jewelry in addition to engagement rings and wedding bands. 

How they care for the environment: Vrai’s sustainability mission is no joke, and they present it best: “Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our business. Using advanced technology, VRAI diamonds are created in our zero-emission foundry in America’s beautiful Pacific Northwest with 100% hydropower from the majestic Columbia River. We only offer excellent quality cuts of our sustainable produced diamond.” Their use of 100% recycled gold and sustainable packaging are also worth mentioning.

What we love: In our opinion, Vrai’s commitment to sustainability far exceeds any other brand on our list. If an eco-friendly engagement ring is on your wishlist, truly look no further than Vrai. They’re thinking of everything, and we’re fans. 

Are you choosing an eco-friendly ring for your marriage?

Planning an eco-friendly wedding does take effort, but you can kick off your sustainable celebration with your engagement ring! By choosing to only shop with brands that adhere to certain standards, you can own a ring that honors your story and cares for our world in the process. What could be more beautiful? 

Are you considering an eco-friendly engagement ring? What brand stood out the most to you? We would love for you to share in our community! 

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Looking for an engagement ring from a company that uses sustainable and social-conscious practices? Check out this list of top companies to find eco-friendly engagement rings!
Looking for an engagement ring from a company that uses sustainable and social-conscious practices? Check out this list of top companies to find eco-friendly engagement rings!
Looking for an engagement ring from a company that uses sustainable and social-conscious practices? Check out this list of top companies to find eco-friendly engagement rings!

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