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Eco-friendly tableware for your wedding!

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Save the planet *and* save money on your wedding by using eco-friendly tableware for your wedding reception catering!


What’s better than being budget-savvy? Being budget-savvy and eco-friendly! We love sharing eco-friendly wedding ideas to help you save the planet *and* save money. And a great way to do that is by using eco-friendly tableware!

When it comes to your wedding catering and serving, of course, you can go with rented dishes and utensils. Depending on the style you’re going for, it could be a pretty expensive undertaking. Not to mention, depending on your venue and level of service, your caterers or servers might not wash the dishes for you or could charge you extra for cleanup. So if you’re looking for a disposable option that’s friendly to the environment, you’ll love these eco-friendly tableware options.

Wooden Cutlery

Check out these compostable cutlery products that are smooth, strong, durable, and will impress your guests! Great for your wedding, showers, etc. These wooden utensils are sturdy enough to eat with and chic enough to be dressed up or down. They would work great for a backyard wedding or any sort of outdoor affair with a laid-back vibe.

wooden cutlery and plates for your wedding

You can display them in cups or vases for your guests to pull from, but why not make them into an extra cute detail? Take some scrap paper and napkins and wrap them around the utensils with bakers twine or ribbon. Isn’t it fun to be chic and earth-friendly?

Dtocs plates

Compostable Plates

There are many different types of plates you can purchase that are made of compostable materials. One brand we love is Dtocs. Their plates are made from naturally fallen palm leaves, which are a sustainable resource. Each plate carries its own character with a unique woody texture & natural aroma. They are sturdy and strong for use at weddings, and there is no need to worry about cleanup or washing dishes. You can use these biodegradable plates as fire starter or even compost them!

I definitely recommend wooden cutlery or other compostable tableware to anyone looking for a cheap alternative to renting real silverware and still wanting to be eco-friendly!

Look at the prettiness that is created with these adorable utensils:

wooden cutlery

Love the idea of eco-friendly tableware? Check out some more of our favorite eco-friendly wedding finds on Amazon!


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