Honeymoon Travel

Hacks for the Budget Savvy Bride

Have you heard of travel hacking? Learn more about using credit card rewards to score awesome deals on travel for your honeymoon and beyond!

Wedding planning can be so overwhelming, that it’s easy to overlook the first exciting adventure of your life together. There are numerous tricks that so-called travel hackers have discovered that can be used to bring the cost of your dream trip down to earth, and today I’m going to share with you some of those insider tips.

Have you started thinking about your honeymoon yet?

The ultimate way to save money on travel is to use points and miles to book your trip, rather than dollars. Although you can’t practically pool your airline miles into a single account, you can always book awards in other people’s names for no additional cost. 

Gather your airline miles

If you are just short of the miles you need, you may consider signing up for a travel rewards credit card, just to receive the sign-up bonus. Travel hackers love this trick since many issuers of airline mileage cards are willing to offer you 50,000 miles or more when you sign up for their card.

Travel rewards credit card

Take inventory of the airline miles that you and your fiancé have.

There are ways that travel hackers have found to uncover the best rewards. First, do your research and find out which partners you can redeem your miles for, and realize that all of these partner award seats will not be visible online. Therefore, you will have to call the airline, and may have to use other resources to find these hidden partner awards. 

Finding award seats

Thankfully, hotel points are much easier to use than airline miles, as many programs offer award nights for any unsold room. And just as with airline miles, most programs allow members to book awards in the name of others, giving you another opportunity to pool your resources.

Don’t forget hotel points

By thinking like a travel hacker, the two of you can plan the trip of your dreams at an affordable price.