Stepdad Feels Disrespected Bride Chose Uncle as Father of the Bride. Is He Wrong?

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Choosing to include or not include certain family members in your wedding can lead to hurt feelings and drama. This stepdad feels hurt for being left out of his stepdaughter’s wedding. What’s your take?

Weddings are a celebration of love, unity, and family. But when a stepfather feels left out of the big day, it can be a source of hurt and disappointment.

Stepfather's Reaction

Jake took to Reddit to express his frustrations about a stepfather who was raged for not being picked up as bride's Father by his step daughter over him.

Here is How The Internet Responded


One commended Jake for playing such a significant role in the bride’s life and encouraged him to walk her down the aisle with pride.

Fulfilling a Promise to Her Deceased Father

Several suggested step-parents concentrate excessively on their view and neglect to recognize that a genuine parent always puts their child’s needs first.

Putting the child's need first

One emphasized that she has chosen her uncle because he has kept her biological father’s memory alive. 

Keeping Dad's Memory Alive

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