Wedding Speeches: How long should a wedding speech be?

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Are you preparing a wedding speech? We’re giving you our best writing tips for presenting a speech from the heart.

If you know you want to give a speech at a wedding but unsure what exactly you should say, read this to determine how long should a wedding speech be as well as examples so you can get it right!

What To Include In A Wedding Speech

Many speeches even include lighthearted stories of the couple. Here are some suggestions for wedding speeches categorized by who the speaker is.

Carefully select an example or two of your best anecdotes about him for maximum impact. Consider time spent together during trips or special memories you share. 

For the Best Man Wedding Speech

Think about how you were when you first met and how far you’ve come in your friendship throughout the years. Consider how you supported each other through thick and thin 

Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

Allow yourself to take a moment and reflect on how thankful you are to be sharing this glorious day with your beloved family.

Parents of the Couple Speech

Regardless of the speaker, make sure to end your speech with a thankful message to those who have made the day special.

Bride and Groom Speech

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