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Wedding Speeches: How long should a wedding speech be?

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If you know you want to give a speech at a wedding but unsure what exactly you should say, read this to determine how long should a wedding speech be as well as examples so you can get it right!


Are you preparing a wedding speech? We’re giving you our best writing tips for presenting a speech from the heart. The length of a wedding speech depends on several factors. The best way to determine how long yours should be is to consider the time you have available and the content you want to include. Read on to get our best tips for writing a wedding speech.

What To Include In A Wedding Speech with Examples

You don’t have to have public speaking training to do a wedding speech. Most are often told from the heart and usually go into storytelling mode. Many speeches even include lighthearted stories of the couple. Here are some suggestions for wedding speeches categorized by who the speaker is.

For the Best Man Wedding Speech

Being the best man at a wedding has its responsibilities. While it could be easy to wing it and come up with something off the top of your head, preparation is key.

You’ll want to focus on funny or light-hearted stories that draw out the groom’s personality and reveal how he’s grown. The best man should consider the highlights of his relationship with both individuals. Make an effort to include moments that put a smile on everyone’s face and generate some good group laughs in a kindhearted way.

Carefully select an example or two of your best anecdotes about him for maximum impact. Consider time spent together during trips or special memories you share. When done right, the best man’s speech can truly be one of the most meaningful speeches of the wedding.

Best Man Wedding Speech Outline:

  • Start with an attention-grabbing opening line, such as a humorous anecdote or a heartfelt statement about the couple.
  • Introduce yourself and your relationship with the groom, and express gratitude for being chosen as the best man.
  • Share some amusing and endearing stories about the groom, highlighting his qualities and quirks.
  • Include some heartfelt words about the bride, and express how happy you are for the couple.
  • Acknowledge the bride’s family and guests, and welcome them to your friend’s side of the family.
  • Raise a toast to the newlyweds, and offer some words of advice or well wishes for their future together.
  • Conclude with a sincere thank you to everyone present, and invite them to join in celebrating the happy couple.

Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

It is an incredible honor to be chosen as a maid of honor. Being asked reflects the strong bond between the bride and yourself. It also serves as a symbol of your appreciation for one another.

Sharing memories of your time as friends will make the speech truly memorable. We all have a story to tell, and yours with your best friend is particularly unique.

Think about how you were when you first met and how far you’ve come in your friendship throughout the years. Consider how you supported each other through thick and thin – these tales will resonate deeply with everyone at the wedding. Your speech is your chance to shine and tell your best friend why she is so special.

Maid of Honor Speech Outline

  • Begin with a warm and genuine greeting to the guests, and thank the bride and groom for allowing you to be part of their special day.
  • Introduce yourself and your relationship with the bride, and express how honored you are to be her maid of honor.
  • Share some heartfelt stories or memories about your friendship with the bride, highlighting her best qualities and quirks.
  • Address the groom and share your approval and support of their union, welcoming him to your friend’s family.
  • Acknowledge the parents of the bride and groom, and thank them for raising such wonderful individuals.
  • Share your thoughts on the couple’s future together, offering advice or well wishes for their journey ahead.
  • Raise a toast to the newlyweds, and express how happy you are to have witnessed their love story and be part of their celebration.
  • Conclude with a sincere thank you to everyone present, and invite them to join in celebrating the happy couple.

Parents of the Couple Speech

Your child’s wedding is a memorable and meaningful moment in any parent’s life! As you observe the bride and groom taking their much-anticipated vows, you can’t help but feel immense joy for them and all they have achieved together.

Allow yourself to take a moment and reflect on how thankful you are to be sharing this glorious day with your beloved family. Embrace the overflowing emotions, as it reminds you that no matter what challenges come your way, your love will always remain strong.

So take this time to recognize their meaningful union and love your children with pride.

Parents Wedding Speech Outline

  • Express your gratitude to everyone present for joining in the celebration of the couple’s marriage.
  • Introduce yourselves and share a few words about your relationship with your child and your new son or daughter-in-law.
  • Share some fond memories and anecdotes of your child growing up, and express how proud you are of the person they have become.
  • Welcome your new in-law to the family and express your happiness and excitement to have them as part of your lives.
  • Offer some advice or words of wisdom for the couple as they embark on their journey together.
  • Share some thoughts on the importance of marriage and the role it plays in creating a fulfilling and happy life.
  • Express your love and support for the couple, and reassure them that you will always be there for them, through good times and bad.
  • Raise a toast to the newlyweds and invite everyone to join in celebrating their love and commitment to each other.
  • Conclude with a heartfelt thank you to everyone present, and express your hope for a lifetime of happiness and joy for the couple.

Bride and Groom Speech

Finally, if you’re part of the married duo giving the speech, your speech is about expressing your love for each other. You can share funny stories or embarrassing moments, but it should focus on how you fell in love and how excited you are to begin this new chapter.

Regardless of the speaker, make sure to end your speech with a thankful message to those who have made the day special. Whether you’re delivering an emotional toast or a heartfelt speech, adding a few thank you’s, the audience always appreciates a few words of wisdom.

Bride and Groom Wedding Speech Outline

  • Begin by expressing gratitude to everyone present for joining in the celebration of your marriage.
  • Thank your parents, family members, friends, and anyone else who played a significant role in your lives and in making your wedding day special.
  • Share some heartfelt words about your partner, expressing your love, admiration, and appreciation for them.
  • Share some memories or anecdotes that reflect your journey as a couple, highlighting the special moments that have led you to this day.
  • Express your excitement and enthusiasm for the future, and share some thoughts on your vision for your life together.
  • Raise a toast to the guests, expressing your gratitude for their love and support, and inviting them to join in celebrating your union.
  • Express your hope for a lifetime of happiness, love, and adventure together.
  • Conclude with another heartfelt thank you to everyone present, and express your hope for a lifetime of happiness and joy for all.

How Long Should A Wedding Speech Be?

Generally, the length of a speech depends on the audience and the wedding format.

The length of a wedding speech can vary depending on the speaker’s role, the tone of the event, and the preferences of the couple. However, in general, a wedding speech should typically be no longer than 5-7 minutes.

You might only need to speak for a few minutes if you’re giving a toast at a small wedding. On the other hand, if you’re giving a lengthy speech at a larger wedding, you may need to talk for about 10 minutes. So it’s also important to consider the overall flow and pacing of the wedding.

It’s important to keep in mind that wedding guests may become restless or lose interest if a speech drags on for too long, so it’s best to focus on quality over quantity and keep the speech concise and engaging. The speaker should aim to convey their message clearly and effectively while also being mindful of the time allotted and the attention span of the audience.

Five minutes is more than enough time to deliver your message without running out of things to say. If you feel you have more you want to say to the couple, write a heartfelt letter with all of your feelings.

Pick up a copy of Wedding Toasts 101 for additional guidance in crafting the perfect wedding speech!

And if you’re worried about timing, practice with a stopwatch before the big day. With some preparation, you can deliver a wedding speech that everyone will remember!


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