How To Transport A Wedding Cake Safely From Point A to Point B

The Budget Savvy Bride

The wedding cake is one of the main events of the special day, and can cost a pretty penny to have made professionally.

Read our step-by-step guide for safely transporting your wedding cake to its final destination in perfect condition for your special day.

Plan Your Route and Schedule

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Choose a vehicle with ample space and a flat surface for the cake. Large vans or cars that can remove seats are ideal for transporting cakes.

Prepare the Vehicle

Preparing a wedding cake for transportation is crucial in ensuring its safe arrival at the venue. You may need to disassemble the cake’s tiers.

Prepare the Cake for Transportation

When driving, take special care to avoid sudden movements, such as sharp turns or abrupt stops. 

Drive Carefully and Stay Vigilant

Once you’ve arrived at the venue, carefully bring the cake tiers inside one at a time. If the tiers of your cake were transported separately, reassemble the cake on-site.

Reassemble the Cake at the Venue

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