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7 Amazing Wedding Cake Ideas You Will Love as a Bride

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If you’re looking for some wedding cake inspiration, look no further! These seven amazing cake ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Kathleen Brenning

The wedding is every bride’s day to shine. One area that people swoon over (besides the bride, of course) is the wedding cake. Planning how the sweet treat should look for after the ceremony can be more fun than finding that perfect dress, but it can also be stressful if you don’t know what you want. There are so many options out there! How can you choose just one? Here you will find seven amazing wedding cake ideas that you are sure to love.

1. Traditional Cakes

Three-tiered white wedding cakes will never go out of style. For brides who want to keep their dessert traditional, these cakes are perfect. Even better, you can get them without spending your entire budget. Almost all bakeries offer traditional wedding cakes. You can order Safeway cakes very easy and the low prices do not sacrifice quality, presentation, or (most importantly) taste! There are hundreds of different options for decorations, including ribbons, patterns, and cake toppers. The best part is that traditional cakes will definitely fit any type of wedding.

2. Homemade Cakes

Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be expensive. Brides who are good at baking (or know someone who is!) can enjoy creating the perfect dessert for their big day. Don’t know where to start? There are a lot of recipes for simple wedding cakes online if you know where to look. To cut back on the stress, bake the cake ahead of time and keep it cool. The less you have to do before fitting into your dress the better. Homemade cakes are perfect for DIY brides who want quality on the cheap.

3. Ombre Cakes

Between clothing trends and hair color, ombre is in. Why not cakes, too? For the fashionista bride, there is the ombre cake. It can be done in a number of ways to fit your style. For those who appreciate style without the frills, your cake can transition from one color to the next in smooth buttercream. Brides who like to make a statement might prefer bold colors ribboned in fondant, adding texture as well as elegance. These cakes work well for weddings with a strong focus on color pallet.

4. Storybook

Every couple has a story different from the rest. Who asked who out first? Where was the first date? How did he pop the question? Your story is special and deserves to be celebrated. It’s why you’re wearing the dress, after all! If your cake is tiered, you can have each level describe the moments leading up to the big day in silhouette. Cakes that describe your love story are a perfect addition to any romantic-themed wedding.

5. Naked Cakes

Leave the frosting out of the equation entirely with naked wedding cakes. These gorgeous cakes are a great option for the health-conscious bride. Instead of coating it in fondant or buttercream, consider using fresh fruit. It doubles as a healthier option and an adorable decoration. Naked cakes are big with celebrities, and work great with a rustic backdrop.

7 Amazing Wedding Cake Ideas You Will Love as a Bride - watercolor wedding cake

6. Watercolour Cake

The cake isn’t only a great way to end a wedding celebration. Amazing wedding cake ideas like this will certainly be the highlight of your big day. The hardest part will be making the first cut, because it will be hard to slice such beauty. Thank goodness there will be plenty of pictures! This type of cake is best for brides who want a bold statement at their reception.

7 Amazing Wedding Cake Ideas You Will Love as a Bride - wedding dessert buffet

7. Dessert Buffet

For the bride that wants something different from everyone else, there is something that strays away from the norm without going out of the realm of possibilities. Dessert buffets are a rising trend in wedding receptions. There are a multitude of options when planning it out. Dessert buffets can include pies, doughnuts, cupcakes, candy, or things for guests to make their own ice cream sundae. They work well for brides who want their wedding to reflect their fun personality.

From traditional to trendy and budget-conscious to high-end, these seven amazing wedding cake ideas certainly have something for every bride. No matter what you choose for your big day, it will leave your wedding guests smiling and wanting to go up for seconds.

Kathleen Brenning

is a passionate cook whose passion is fueled by the hands-on creation of delicate desserts. She loves to write about delicious cake recipes and cooking tips for amateurs.