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Wedding Cake Toppers: Creative Decorations for Your Wedding Cake

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Looking for a unique way to incorporate your interests or a bit of personality into your wedding day? Check out these creative wedding cake toppers!


We absolutely love when couples infuse their own personal interests and tastes into the details on their wedding day. That includes nods to their obsessions, fandoms, hobbies, and more! One simple and creative way couples can incorporate their interests into their wedding decor is through unique wedding cake toppers.

Rather than defaulting to a standard monogram or typical bride and groom statue atop your wedding cake, why not consider something that more creatively demonstrates your love story? Whether you opt for a custom wedding cake topper or choose something pre-made, this personalized detail is a great addition to your wedding day!

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers for the Big Day

The great thing is there are so many types of wedding cake toppers to choose from, depending on your style or personality. We’ve rounded up a collection of cute wedding cake toppers to inspire any couple who is looking for a non-traditional or quirky option. From Legos to Disney to Anime and everywhere in between, let your passions and hobbies shine in this wedding dessert detail. Check out our favorite recommendations below!

Etsy - UP Wedding Sketchbook Wedding Cake Topper

UP Wedding Sketchbook Wedding Cake Topper 

Etsy • $64

Consider this sentimental wedding cake topper from the Pixar movie UP! Sweetheart rose backdrop covered in sparkles held together by a black stand with white matching beads. 

Etsy - Dinosaur Cake Topper 

Dinosaur Cake Topper 

Etsy • $48

Your guests will get a kick out of this his and hers dinosaur cake topper. Decide on different bow tie colors for the groom to match the theme of the wedding. A long tulle veil, pearls, and a garter are decorated on the bride, with a top hat and bowtie for the groom!

Etsy - Needle Felted Alpaca Wedding Cake Topper 

Needle Felted Alpaca Wedding Cake Topper 

Etsy • $31.99

Fun and small alpacas to sit on top of the wedding cake. Each is made from real alpaca wool. Coming in a set of two with a veil on the bride and bow tie on the groom. 

Etsy - Halloween wedding cake topper 

Halloween wedding cake topper 

Etsy • $25.56+

This Halloween-themed cake topper is a bit glam mixed with humor for a “Til Death” theme. Skull hands create a heart surrounding the newlywed’s first name initials. Each is made from birch wood offered in different spray-painted colors.

Etsy - Penguin Couple Wedding Topper 

Penguin Couple Wedding Topper 

Etsy • $120

Mr and Mrs unique penguin cake topper holding hands. This personalized wedding cake topper can be customized with your names and wedding date on the bottom, as well as special colors for the flowers, top hat, and bowtie. 

Etsy - Minifigures Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

Minifigures Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

 Etsy • $16.38

Use these customized mini Lego bride and groom figurines as a wedding cake topper! Select two figurines and customize the hair color for the bride and sunglasses for the groom. 

Etsy - National Parks Theme Custom Wedding Cake Topper  

National Parks Theme Custom Wedding Cake Topper  

Etsy • $19+

For adventure lovers, stay on theme with a national theme park wedding topper. Each rustic cake topper is laser engraved with the couples’ names. Five sizes to decide from fitting the cake beautifully. Perfect for an outdoor wedding!  

Etsy - Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper 

Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper 

Etsy • $58.50+

For Star Wars lovers, an on-theme cake topper is perfect. Decide from a moon or heart backdrop with a wide black and white beaded base. Each cake topper is uniquely designed.  

Etsy - Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding Cake Topper

Etsy • $78.97

Handmade wooden wedding cake toppers to mimic the look of the happy couple. Customize the small details of the topper to create a look similar to the bride and groom! Accessories are available for adding on at an extra cost!

Etsy - Pug Wedding Cake Topper

Pug Wedding Cake Topper

Etsy • $150

Is it possible for anyone with pets to resist incorporating their furry favorites into their big-day details? We love this adorable bride and groom pugs for the cake topper! This is a unique way to share your love of animals while customizing the skin tone colors of the pugs. 

Etsy - Knitted Wedding Cake Toppers

Knitted Wedding Cake Toppers

Etsy • $67.69

Knitted cake toppers doubling as a keepsake that can be kept forever! Each purchase includes the bride, groom, and six hearts for the background. Customization for each item is possible on the website. 

Etsy - Military Wedding Cake topper

Military Wedding Cake Topper

Etsy • $55

A military-themed cake topper personalized with any kind of dog! Personalize each detail, even down to the colors and hairstyles, to create a cake topper as special as the newlyweds! Each topper is handmade of polymer clay, being waterproof to hold together its form for many years. 

Amazon - Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake Topper

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake Topper


A classic wedding cake topper. A Disney-themed wedding can be perfectly paired with a Minnie and Mickey topper. Made of stone resin that can be kept for years to come. 

Amazon - Cinderella Wedding Cake Topper

Cinderella Wedding Cake Topper 


Classy Cinderella and prince charming wedding cake topper. Made of fine china-painted ivory. Each topper is accented with 24-karat gold. 

Amazon - Fishing Wedding Cake Topper 

Fishing Wedding Cake Topper 


A cake topper representing the couple’s love of fishing may be perfect! The bride wears a white dress, and the groom is in a nice black suit. No customization is possible but it can be universal for any couple. 

Amazon - Mr. Mrs. Pumpkin Wedding Cake Topper 

Mr. Mrs. Pumpkin Wedding Cake Topper 


For a fall wedding, mini pumpkins surrounded by autumn leaves will fit in perfectly to the season of the wedding. Each pumpkin is handmade and stamped, being unique for each couple. 

Amazon - Silhouette Cake Toppers Family Couple

Silhouette Cake Toppers Family Couple


Silhouette cake topper of a couple and their kids becoming a family. Personalize the color of the topper as well as include names and dates at the bottom. Glitter and transparent are included as well.

Amazon - Unique Penguins Wedding Cake Toppers 

Unique Penguins Wedding Cake Toppers 


Adorable clay bride and groom penguin figurine toppers holding hands. Personalize each penguin to fit the wedding theme as well as including the names and dates. 

More Cute Wedding Cake Toppers

We hope our roundup of wedding cake toppers have you inspired for your wedding reception cake decoration! There are endless styles and designs to choose from for your own big day– Etsy and Amazon have great options for every couple!

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