Woman Worries Her Wedding Photographer May Have Scammed Her. What To Do

The Budget Savvy Bride

 Recently, a newlywed Julie had an issue with wedding photographer who was overbooked and didn't turn in her wedding pictures on time.

What’s a bride to do when a vendor doesn’t deliver on their contract? Check out this real-life bride’s story of not receiving her wedding photos and the crowd-sourced advice shared to help her.

The Photographer Is No More

Julie discovered she moved provinces (Canada) and no longer has a photography business! Furthermore, she’s removed her business page and rarely responds to emails and text messages.

The number-one-voted solution is to send her a message expressing that you will take her to small claims court if she does not fulfill the stipulations in the contract.

Small Claims Court

Others agreed that this doesn’t sound like a scam as much as a legal issue. Kim explained she looked at the contract, and it didn’t look like they all signed everything.

Legal Issue

A photographer suggested asking for the Raw files. They are unedited photos, but you could have them edited independently.

Get the Raw Files

While many agreed that being out $1200 sucks, that isn’t the more significant issue. The fact that you can’t get the memory back is worth more, and they believe Kim should go legal.

It’s About the Memory

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