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Choosing our venue was probably the biggest obstacle we faced. And to be honest, that was scary for me, because it was the first decision we made, so I was nervous in thinking how hard all of the other decisions would be! However, deciding on All Saints Chapel would make a lot of our decisions easier!


All Saints Chapel
All Saints Chapel

Since I am from Pennsylvania and went to college in Ohio, most of my family and friends will be traveling from out of town. After a lot of thought and conversation over where we would get married, we decided to keep everything centered in one location, downtown Raleigh, North Carolina – This wasn’t a quick decision we came to.

I had originally planned to get married in my fiance’s hometown, as I loved the church community and thought it’d be an inexpensive place to get married. However, after a lot of deliberation and even visiting a few reception venues, we made the decision that the task to plan a wedding in such a small town, where neither of us lived, was going to be more trouble than we wanted to take on. (I also started asking for my fiance's advice because I had made the decision to have it in his hometown, but once the I became a We, more logical decisions were made, rather than impulse decisions!) Once we decided to plan the wedding where we lived, things started to come together.

The next step was to begin the process of finding a wedding venue and, let me tell you, Raleigh is loaded with absolutely beautiful venues to make your day special, but they can come with a pretty high price tag. I looked at the public parks option (which is a great way to go if you’re being budget savvy, but not the only way to go!) and nothing really stuck out to me. I knew I wanted a southern rustic look, but with a classic & elegant feel.

I originally fell in love with The Stockroom at 230 which has the rustic southern feel that I was going for and was currently in our price range (although at the VERY top of our range). However, due to the cost I wouldn’t be able to get married in a church which is something I wanted to do (not that I’m against those that don’t get married in a church, but it was important to me and my fiancé). Luckily, the same company that owns the Stockroom owns All Saints Chapel – an old renovated church they use for weddings, receptions, events, etc. I went to visit All Saints and knew it would be perfect. I fell in love with the old rustic feel and warmth of the church. Not to mention, we could use it for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception – allowing me to breathe a sigh of relief regarding the logistics for our out of town guests. As stated in a previous post, the venue was one of our top priorities so it was important it had everything we wanted, and although we agreed to spend more money on the venue, if needed, I feel like we’re getting way more for our money than we would have gotten with other venues.


Inside of All Saints Chapel
Inside of All Saints Chapel

Many benefits would come from deciding on All Saints Chapel that would save us money, such as catering, décor, flowers, etc., but I will elaborate on all of those in later posts.

What seemed to be the biggest obstacle you faced in wedding planning?
Have you decided on your wedding venue? If so, please share!

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I'm Natasha, a self-proclaimed northerner turned southern belle; I have embraced the southern culture like it is my own (y'all is a word!). I am a retired collegiate athlete (#penguinnation), momma to the cutest maltese puppy, lover of all things Duke (including my job!), amateur chef & baker, sports enthusiast, and lucky enough to be marrying my best friend.

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  • Lydia14

    What a beautiful venue! Deciding our venue took a lot of thought, but it impacted the rest of our wedding decisions so much more than I’d initially realized! We’re having an outdoor wedding at a beautiful venue that can be dressed up or down, and it’s perfect for the simple, semi-traditional wedding we want to have. After choosing the venue, it was so much easier to pick my dress, the outfit choices for the bridal party, and what kind of decor we want to use/make

    • nnbray34

      Thank you! I hope you share a post on your venue; I love seeing other venues real brides pick out and knowing why. I agree, though, after we picked our venue, it was like everything just fell into place!

  • The interior is just SO stunning on its own — it really doesn’t need much in the way of decor. Beautiful space!!

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