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Explore these Top Wedding Registry Options

Choosing where to register for your wedding can be a tough decision for many couples. Each couple has a unique set of circumstances, needs, desires, and priorities.

To help narrow down your list of options, think about which stores have practical items that you will actually use, as well as retailers where you and your partner frequently shop.

If you’re on the hunt for the best wedding registry for your celebration, there are several things to consider. Below are 13 amazing wedding registries to consider using for your gift registry.

In-Store Wedding Registries

Want to create an in-store registry for convenience and tactile experience? Visit a participating retail store and register for your wedding gifts in-person! Check out our favorite retailers for building your registry:

Target Wedding Registry

Target Wedding Registry

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Target Wedding Registry.

Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry

Bed Bath & Beyond Registry

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Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry.

Macy's Wedding Registry

Macy’s Wedding Registry

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Macy’s Wedding Registry.

Zola Wedding Registry

Best Overall Wedding Registry

Want a registry with the biggest assortment of gifts under the sun? Look no further than the Amazon Registry. It’s flexible, it’s fun, and it comes with some major perks:

Amazon Wedding Registry

Amazon Wedding Registry

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Hybrid Wedding Registries

Want a registry that offers flexibility in gift types? These hybrid registries are a great choice for those who want an experience registry mixed with physical goods:

honeymoon registries - honeyfund


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Honeyfund Wedding Registry.

Blueprint Registry

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Blueprint Wedding Registry.

honeymoon registries - zola


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Zola Wedding Registry.

Honeymoon Registries

Want a straight-up honeymoon registry? Have your guests contribute to the honeymoon of your dreams with these flexible travel registry options. Check out experience registry ideas below:

honeymoon registries - honeymoon wishes

Honeymoon Wishes

honeymoon registries - travelers joy

Traveler’s Joy

honeymoon registries - wanderable


Charitable Wedding Registries

Looking for an ethical or socially-conscious registry that gives back to a good cause? Check out these charitable registry options:

The Dowry

sokind registry

So Kind Registry

the good beginning

The Good Beginning

Learn more ways to be charitable with your wedding plans

What is a wedding registry?

A wedding registry is essentially a list of gifts that an engaged couple has chosen for their guests to shop from. Various retailers and online shops offer a registry service free of charge to engaged couples.

Do we *have to* create a wedding registry?

Making a wedding registry is a good way to let your guests know the items that you actually want or need. Even if you feel you don’t need anything, many of your guests will still opt to give you a gift regardless. Opting not to create a gift registry increases your chances of your guests going “rogue” and buying you something random. It’s better to give them an idea of things you actually do want rather than just letting them take a wild guess!

How does a wedding registry work?

The couple selects from the items a retailer has available to create a curated list of desired items for their guests to purchase for them as wedding gifts. The practice of creating a registry allows guests to shop with convenience and confidence that they are choosing things the couple actually wants or needs, since they select the items themselves.

When should you start your registry?

It’s best to create your registry at least four to six months before the big day. Having it created and curated in advance gives your guests ample time to buy gifts for your wedding or any pre-wedding parties such as bridal showers.

How do you share your registry info with your guests?

An appropriate place to inform your guests of your registry details is on your wedding website. It’s generally considered the best etiquette not to include the registry information on your invitations or stationery.

How many registries are appropriate?

Couples should register at no more than three places to keep their gift lists concise and manageable. If you find yourself wishing for items from more than three separate retailers, consider a universal registry option where you can add items from various retailers under one central hub.

What should we add to our wedding registry?

Register for the items you actually want or need. You could register for things you don’t yet have, or upgrades to items you already own. If you don’t want more “stuff” you could consider an experience registry and add travel or other experiences to your gift list.

What if we don’t *need* anything?

If you don’t want physical stuff, consider an experience registry such as Honeyfund or a cause-based registry like COCOBundle. Or in lieu of creating a registry at all, you could ask that guests donate to one of your favorite charities instead.

What is the best wedding registry?

Picking just one out of many of the registry options is a tall order. The best registry for YOU might be different than the best registry for your best friends. Choose the one that has the features and flexibility you desire or need.